Hannah and Nathan

Image 1 of Hannah and Nathan

How We Met:

Nathan and I met when we were 15 and 16 years old at our Church. Before he even knew me, I had developed a huge crush for him. After all, he was one of those older high school boys. When we did finally meet, it didn’t take long before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Thereafter, we became the best of friends. We fell in love with one another, cherishing our shared passion for Christ, food, and travel! Now, 5+ years later we cannot wait to embrace the next big step in our relationship!

how they asked:

What first comes to mind when I think back to the proposal? Pure shock! The day was August 1st, and we decided to go paddle boarding at Riviera Beach in San Clemente, CA. All day, I had been trying to convince Nathan to paddle board at the Dana Point Harbor instead of the beach because Shark Week had just aired and I was a bit terrified! I was certainly confused why he was so persistent about going to the beach, but I decided to trust his robust claim that he could fend off any finned fish that came our way.

Image 2 of Hannah and Nathan

From Riviera Beach, we paddled out to a place called Seal Rock (a huge rock covered in seals). When we got there, Nathan pointed out that he had thought he spotted our friends G.G. and Linda Kolhagen on their boat. I was so surprised when I realized it was in fact them! We paddled over to their boat and they invited us on. Nathan was acting so nonchalant about the entire encounter that I did not suspect a thing! We climbed on board hauling the paddle board with us and went to the bow of the boat. As we walked to the front, Linda handed the ring off to Nathan.

Standing together at the bow, Nathan got down on one knee and asked, “Hannah Hartman, will you marry me!?” Still in shock, I could hardly get the words out to say, “Yes!” After he asked, we rode the boat to the Dana Point Harbor where friends and family had gathered for a celebration in honor of us! What an incredible day!

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