Hannah and Nathan

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How We Met

I (Hannah) remember meeting Nate our Sophomore year of high school, at our youth group Omega. At that time, I was dating one of his friends, and was introduced to him, but thought he was too edgy and cool to ever be friends with me. He was the cool guy that played guitar, and would sneak out of youth group. I was the girl that sat in the front row, that volunteered to lead small groups. We were different. Our Junior year and Senior year of high school we hung out in the same circle of friends. I thought he was just so cool, and wanted all my friends to date him!

Fast Forward a couple of years, Nate came back from an Audio Engineer program in Nashville and I came home from living in South Africa at the same time. I distinctively remember being back at church and seeing Nate and turning to my friend and saying “wow, Nate is really hot!” Then immediately tried to set them up, lol! Nate and I started to hang out and become better friends, thanks to snapchat. During this time, of wanting everyone date him because I thought he was amazing, he asked me to go get waffles at IHop. Super romantic. I thought it was a friend gesture, Nate thought it was a “i like you” gesture. I didn’t catch on.

A week later, I realized I had a huge crush on this guy, but had no idea how to express that.Luckily, he did too!! We started to date in September, but I still thought he was too cool for me. Finally we decided to make it official late November, (we’re really bad and don’t remember the actual date). Two years later, we’re here getting married, yay!!!

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how they asked

He got me. As a type-A planner, I never am surprised. Yet, Nate got me. For my birthday, Nate planned a weekend getaway with our best friends to Sebastopol, CA! I was a little suspicious and had lingering thoughts that maybe it would happen. However, whenever I would bring up the weekend with him or our friends, they all acted clueless and would act like nothing was even planned. This squashed all my engagement dreams. Nate, even let me take the reigns of finding a place to stay and things to do, so my questions would stop.

Going up there, Nate surprised me with my favorite road trip snacks and even a playlist with our songs! Our friends, Chris and Alana, had our little Airbnb, decorated with balloons. Yet, any little hope I had of us getting engaged, Nate would say things that made me think it was not happening! The first day we explored the Barlow in downtown Sebastopol, ate good food, and went to a concert in Sonoma. All things I love. The next day, after hanging out in Healdsburg. He then changed plans on me, and said we were heading to the coast, which we were suppose to do the next day. As I was hurrying to change in different clothes, I was looking for my deodorant. I checked his backpack, and uh oh….found a ring box!!!! EEEPP!! With every ounce of self control to not scream and jump, I quickly backed away and went to the car. He wasn’t bringing his backpack, so I knew it must be happening the next day, or so I thought!

As we set off for Bodega Bay, I was trying to stay calm. Everyone else was acting normal, and I was just dreaming about tomorrow. In the meantime, Chris took a little detour, I thought it was to explore, later I found out it was stalling for the sunset photos! Side note: It ended up being too foggy. Ha. The whole ride, Nate was being extra affectionate and lovey, which is a little strange for him. I just thought, he must be excited for tomorrow too! We stopped in Bodega for some chowder, and Chris came back saying that a local told him about a fun spot for photos(there was no local, it was planned.) We drove out that way. Alana was distracting me, while the boys went to find the perfect spot! We got down to the beach, and I had Chris’s camera to take photos of them two. Chris then asked, if we wanted a photo. We went out to pose, I totally was still thinking it would be happening tomorrow. Then all of sudden Nate turned to me, and started to propose. Honestly, I had no idea what he was saying, I was just so shocked and excited! He got down on his knee, and asked me to be his forever, and I said the easiest yes of my life!

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We then celebrated with our favorite beverages, La Croix and champagne. I face timed everyone, in disbelief of what was happening! I had no idea, that there was still one more surprise. As we were driving down my street, I saw cars I recognized. Nate and my mom planned a an engagement party with all my favorite people!! It was a dream weekend. Nate in his most thoughtful ways, thought every little thing out to make me feel so special! I love this man.

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Special Thanks

Chris Baker
 | friend/photographer!! Chris helped plan the special moment, and took our photos!
Alana Avery
 | Best Friend EVER!!!!