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Hannah and Mitchell's Engagement in Chicago, IL

How We Met

To be completely honest, I do not remember the day I met Mitchell. Counting backwards, I must have been fifteen and sophomore in high school. I always say, “I may not remember meeting you, but the day I truly met you, I never looked away.” We went to high school and church together, and eventually just everywhere together. One day I woke up, and he was just part of my everyday life. I watched Mitchell bounce in and out of relationships, and I was always by his side. I was goofy and loud, he was reserved and quiet. We evened each other out, and when we started dating, it seemed like everyone in our lives saw it coming but us. When I say we grew up together, we truly did. We graduated high school in the same year, went to the same college, spent all-nighters in the library together, learned how to pay our own bills together, and began adulthood in each others company. For me, marriage was always something I hoped for, I couldn’t imagine God could have given me anyone more perfect than my best friend. He took some warming up to the idea, but one day he said, “When we get married…” and I knew.

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Every October, Mitchell and I try to take a trip to Chicago to embrace the changing seasons. Being from Texas, our summer heads straight into winter (and then back to summer, and then thunderstorms, and then a tornado… all in the same week). I love Chicago for a multitude of reasons, namely deep dish pizza, Intelligentsia coffee, Cloud Gate, and fall. This year, Mitchell invited some of our closest friends to go with us. I was so excited to be able to share this whirlwind adventure with them. However, I suspected something might be up when my best friend who is terrified of planes decided she HAD to be there no matter what. So, the day before we left, I got my nails done (Ring-waiting ladies, you know…) just in case he were to ask. It was the perfect place with my favorite people, how on earth would he not realize THIS is the moment he needed to ask? However, when two days had gone by in the Windy City and we were leaving the next morning to come back to Texas, I started to doubt.

I was mad at myself for mentally wrecking this whole weekend, thinking he was going to propose, when it was obvious that if he were going to, he would have done it by now. Mitchell could see I was getting frustrated, so he told my friends he was going to take me out on a special date. We went to deep dish pizza, we laughed, and kissed, and my worries subsided. I knew he would propose when he was ready, and worrying about it wouldn’t make it happen any sooner. We finished our meal, and walked to Millennium Park, the location of Cloud Gate (my favorite art installation), to meet up with out friends and take some touristy pictures before nightfall.

Without my knowledge, the other four in our group had strung pictures in the trees, fought Chicago PD when they tried to take them down, and set up the perfect camera angles to get some perfect shots in the golden hour. I was astounded at the lengths my friends and fiance had gone to to make the day perfect for me.

My favorite person asked me to marry him in my favorite spot in my favorite city surrounded by my favorite people. I could not be more grateful. With our soon-to-be brother in-law being a photographer of sorts, he took us closer to Could Gate and snapped the prettiest pictures for our Save the Dates!

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