Hannah and Michael

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How We Met

Hannah and Michael met the summer before their senior year of college. While hanging out at the pool with mutual friends, they found out they were taking the same summer class. Hannah convinced Michael to go to tutoring with her for the class, which he ended up turning in to his advantage. He would drive and pick her up for tutoring, take her to dinner, and spend all-nighters with her at the library. During this time they got to know each other and spent more and more time outside of studying together. They went on dates, took road trips, went to church together and could not go a day without each other. They ended up being inseparable. They learned of their mutual priority of their families and their love of Christ. One night at Breakaway, a school wide worship service at Texas A&M, is when they realized it was true love. Ben Stuart, the leader of Breakaway, was preaching on relationships and how to choose the right spouse. Come to find out, that night both Michael and Hannah prayed asking God if this relationship was right and if this was His will. When listening to Ben speak, they held hands and both (secretly) realized this was true love and the beginning of the rest of their lives. It has been a whirlwind romance ever since. Through their senior year of college they got to create all the fun senior memories together as well as there to support each other during some of the best and hardest times of their lives. They are now looking forward to many wonderful years and making more memories together as they become a family.

how they asked

Michael told Hannah they had to be in Houston on Sunday December 7th for his Grandfather’s birthday dinner. He had said they were going to go a little early and do some Christmas shopping before dinner. (Funny fact: to ensure Hannah would not be in workout clothes and have on makeup, he had to tell her the dinner was at Del Frisco’s so she would be dressed appropriately for the proposal.) Michael showed up that Sunday afternoon to which Hannah was laying on the floor cranky that she had nothing to wear and to just go without her. He pushed that he could not go to the dinner alone without her and he ended up choosing the dress for her to wear. Once they were on the way there, Michael was a nervous wreck while Hannah was just non-stop talking about random things completely clueless as to what was about to happen. Once they arrived at the Galleria, Michael said his sister and mom were at a boutique by the waterfall and we should go meet them. Hannah insisted there were no boutiques near there but Michael quickly got on the phone with his mom and talked to her about “directions’ the whole way to the waterfall. (Funny fact: They almost walked right into all their families sitting there hiding but luckily Hannah was annoyed by the walk and had her head looking at the ground). Once they got close to the waterfall, Michael told her they should take a picture in front of it since she has longed to. Hannah, cold and annoyed by the walk, was not too estatic about it but finally agreed. They walked up to the steps of the waterfall and Michael turned and looked at her. Hannah quickly looked around and asked who they thought should take their picture but by the time she turned back to look at him he had gotten down on one knee. At this point, the tears just flowed and quickly blacked out from the excitement. Michael then said the sweetest words about how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. (Funny fact: His hands were shaking so bad before he got down on his knee and once he did he was so excited he completely forget his speech he had written out.) While still bawling her eyes out she said yes. At that moment a photographer popped up from the crowd and kept snapping their pictures and then she turned to see all their families running towards them. After they took tons of photos and the crying stopped he said they were all headed to eat. Little did Hannah know, she was headed to her surprise engagement party. Michael had planned the whole thing from inviting their friends to choosing the appetizers and drinks. As she was escorted into the restaurant, she was texting all her friends pictures of the ring. She then looked up to see all of her girlfriends and Michael’s friends staring back at her saying congrats! It was the best second surprise of the day to be able to celebrate with everyone.

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