Hannah and Michael

How We Met

We met in the spring of college, our junior year. I was actually in a time in my life where things weren’t the greatest. I ran track and had fractured my hip so when we met, I was on crutches. I had decided to do an alternative spring break at our school where you went on a service trip for the week in the Appalachian Mountains doing Habitat for Humanity. When I fractured my hip, I wasn’t sure I could even go on the trip anymore because I wouldn’t be able to help out as much. Luckily, the leaders of our group encouraged I come and support the group where I could. And what do you know, that’s where I met Michael. It’s always cliché when they say you meet someone when you aren’t really looking for it but thats how it happened for me. Crutching around in Almost Heaven, West Virginia. We talked here and there on the trip but one day we got a huge snowstorm and somehow ended up alone sledding on the property we were staying on. You know when you talk to someone you don’t know very well but for some reason the conversation comes so incredibly easily?

That was us. We skipped all the generic conversations and dove straight into real, meaningful topics. A couple hours later we went back inside and honestly I knew then things would never be the same. The rest of the trip we spent together, talking and acting as though we had been friends for years. The last night of the trip, we stayed up for the entire night outside on the porch, with the most incredible stars above us. We didn’t talk much but in the way where you don’t want to talk and just want to be with someone you can be silent with. Somehow in a week, he had become that. We went back to school and the rest is history. He came into my life so unexpectedly and for 5years now has been my best friend, the same person I met in those Appalachian Mountains.

Where to Propose in Our Apartment

how they asked

We decided to go out dinner because we spend the holidays with our families seperately and wanted to etch some time out to celebrate together. After an incredible dinner at an Italian restaurant, we headed home. When we got to our apartment, he said, “Can you wait here a second? I have a Christmas gift I want to give you now but need to do something.” I thought this was a little odd but he is extremely intentional with gift giving so I figured it was something special. He came back after 5 minutes and said, “Okay, come in.” I walked into a dark apartment. In our hallway was stringed lights with photos of us throughout our relationship. He grabbed my hands and at this point, I was balling. We walked down the hall, looking at each of the photos and the stages of our relationship.

Proposal Ideas Our Apartment

Hannah and Michael's Engagement in Our Apartment

When we got to the end, there were lantern paper bags that had the cut out of the words, ‘MARRY ME?’ **more balling** At that point, I was blacking out but he got down on one knee and asked if I would spend my life with him. I fell into his arms crying and said YES! His grandmother passed away three years ago and he took a ring she left him and had it reset. It was the most beautiful, meaningful thing I had ever seen. We celebrated with champagne and FaceTiming our families and close friends.