Hannah and Matthew

Image 1 of Hannah and Matthew

How We Met

We met one random night out in Guam where we were both stationed at the time. Then we started talking at the bar found out that we were both from Florida and had so many similar interests. On the first date, we went surfing and watched the sunset. It was perfect! Before we had even been dating for 6 months, we had already planned a 10-day trip to travel the Philippines together and that trip was incredible!! I knew from then on that he was my person.

How They Asked

I went to visit Matt for the weekend in December out in Puerto Rico, I was finally able to go since Hurricane Season was officially over. (We are both in the Coast Guard, I’m currently stationed in Florida). Matt had planned a date night, I was surprised and excited! We always try to make it a point to watch the sunset, so I wasn’t too shocked when he insisted we went to the Fort Del Morro as it’s known to have the best sunsets in Old San Juan. And that’s when the adventure began. Traffic was awful as it apparently always is in Old San Juan. But it was fine!

Image 2 of Hannah and Matthew

We arrived to the entrance of the Fort 15 min before they were closing that was plenty of time apparently and to top it off it was an overcast sunset. I really couldn’t understand why Matt was so upset about a cloudy sunset, I thought it was still beautiful!! I figured at that point we could go have our dinner (I was a bit hangry by then, sorry Matt) but Matthew was very much persistent on soaking in every second of this sunset and exploring before they closed the fort.

Image 3 of Hannah and Matthew

So we walked around, I took a few pictures. Just after the sun had set he asked these two adorable older ladies to take our picture and as soon as she began to take the picture that’s when Matthew turned to me, got down on his knee, and popped the question! It was amazing and everything I had ever dreamt of. Even though nothing went as planned it all turned out perfect!

Image 4 of Hannah and Matthew