Hannah and Mathew

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How We Met

Mathew and I are from a small town in Alabama, so we both knew of each other growing up, Matt was a little older than I and did not particularly hang out with the same people until.. a group of young adults starting playing volleyball during the summer of 2016… This is Mathew’s rendition of how we met.. The only way to tell this story is to start at the beginning… It was a hot late summer afternoon. I showed up to my weekly volleyball showdown that I would regularly attend and where I would usually dominate the competition. It was a game like any other that I was accustom to on my summer Thursday routine but this day I was playing exceptionally well. Sweaty and shirtless I refused the spikes that were countlessly being hurled at my team and began to set myself up for my famous assault that always puts points on the board. (You could say I am highly valued by my team and always a first round pick). After I have spent much energy drilling the ball in bounds and into the sand on the opposing teams’ side of the court I found myself in need for a few deep breaths to regain my composure. I put my hands on my knees and bent over only for a moment and there she was.

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It was if the heavens had been parted and the sun shone only on her. Amidst the dust, sand and sweat in my eyes I could see a perfect and beautiful woman standing ready to defend her team against their grueling enemies. though the game was still in full swing it was as if time had stopped. The world was silent and everything disappeared except for this angelic and alluring creature that had stopped time. I was hooked, like a witness to a car wreck I could not look away. I knew that if I was a man at all I must attempt to make this awe-striking woman mine. I played the rest of the game only half-heartedly as she was the only thing on my mind. I knew I had to find a way to get her in conversation but I also knew a woman of her demeanor would not be taken by a direct and thirsty approach by a man, even a man of my stature. After the game, I offered to buy dessert for everyone but deep down only hoping she was craving something sweet and cold. My masculine instincts served me well as she took the bate. After many conversations and many Mcflurrys later, she too was hooked and after much contemplation and prayer I mustered all the testosterone I had and made her my woman.. and that is where our story began.

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how they asked

Well, obviously enough time with a woman like Hannah (Godly, intelligent, sexy, and confident) one can only imagine the desire a man would have to seal the deal and make her his forever. And that is exactly what I set out to do. I spent much time in prayer, and contemplation over the decision to propose. Naturally, I spoke to my best friend and roommate Cash (My boxer/pit mix that is 80 lbs of snuggles and love) as he shared my bed and I knew this could affect our cuddle time. But he was just as in love with her as I was and without hesitation, he gave me his blessing and encouraged mine and Hannah’s union. After much preparation and planning, I tried to coerce my unknowing bride to be a summer day dinner date. She was having one of those days.. (if you know what I mean) and was resisting my plea. I knew I had to find a way to get her to the city, as all the pieces of the plan were in motion. Her favorite photographer waiting in the park in disguise, her sister waiting to give a deceiving call, and a ring in my pocket that even though was modest seemed to add a thousand pounds to my shoulders. Finally, my wit prevailed and I knew what I had to do. One thing that no woman can resist no matter how bad the cramps may be, the one thing that a woman will do rain or shine hot or cold. The one thing that a woman will not allow anything to hinder. Shopping!!!! I had told her I had put 100$ aside for her to go buy clothes with before dinner as I knew she had been looking for a new outfit. It worked, it was like a corpse rising from the grave. She went from cramping and crying to fully dressed and smiling in what seemed to be only a moment and we were off.

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After she shopped herself into contentment she accompanied me for a late lunch in the city at a nicer restaurant. After a light meal and a glass of cabernet her sister calls. Right on time and just as planned she tells Hannah that she is just down the street at railroad park and wanted to meet up. When Hannah told me I reluctantly agreed and we set off for the last phase of the plan, THE proposal. It was a scorching hot day and after only moments in the park the allure of the new dress (that she wore out of the store) had worn off and her pain began to once again emerge. I knew I had to act quickly, but Natalie was my spotter for where we needed to be for the moment as Laura Wilkerson was waiting in hiding. I urged for us to get some ice-cream and said we must go a little further. She reluctantly agreed and we saw Natalie. My heart begins to race, I know in only seconds my life would change forever. We get to the spot, and the only thing I remember is getting on one knee and the look on her face when the ring and Laura simultaneously presented themselves. I don’t know what I said but apparently, it was good enough because she said YES!

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We then rush to get back and tell her mom who was waiting at her Aunts house to show her the ring! I had one more trick up my sleeve… and she still had no idea what was waiting for her back at her aunt and uncles house! Her sister Natalie, and I had put together a surprise engagement party where her closest friends and family were there to celebrate the moment with us! She was astonished and happy, to say the least, and she hasn’t wavered from my side since.

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Special Thanks

Laura Wilkerson
 | Photographer