Hannah and Marcus

Hannah's Proposal in Las Vegas, NV

How We Met

Marcus and I met on Tinder, a popular hookup app! He had never met anyone off of tinder before and had just downloaded it the day before we matched. I had met my previous boyfriend on tinder but had just downloaded it again a few months after that relationship ended. We talked for a few weeks before meeting up and planned to meet at the movies. I was so nervous getting ready I remember thinking I should just not go! But I gathered my courage and went! When I got there I recognized Marcus right away and he was talking to an older man. I actually thought I was gonna he kidnapped or something at this point because it looked like they had come together. Well, that man walked away, Marcus noticed me and our eyes met for the first time. Instantly all my worries vanished and I felt so calm. He explained the man had just asked him about a movie to see if it was worth it to purchase tickets. We went into our movie and talked the whole time! Luckily we were the only ones in the theater! At the end of that date, Marcus asked me out again to go out the next night! I left that date knowing that I was going to marry that man. The rest is history!

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How They Asked

Fast forward to about 10 months later, we knew we wanted to get married and had talked about getting engaged around Christmas time. We planned to spend Thanksgiving with his family and the day before we went to Las Vegas, we went to a movie and he had been asking me all these questions about how I want to get proposed to and I didn’t think anything about it! I joked that he still had plenty of time since he wasn’t proposing for another month. Little did I know he would propose the next day! The day before thanksgiving we planned to drive to Las Vegas from Utah but both had work that day so we wouldn’t be leaving till later. The whole day was fine, he wasn’t acting suspiciously at all. As we were leaving he got a blanket and pillow for me for the car ride and I remember thinking how sweet he was being. He’s always very sweet though so again no red flags. On our drive down his mom called him a few times to see how our trip was going. Of course, she was just trying to get an estimate of time since she was busy setting up our proposal! Marcus somehow convinced me to take a nap during the drive and I woke up just outside of the city. I promptly put my hair up in a bun, took off my false lashes and had mascara rubbed off around my eyes, I was a train wreck!

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Marc called his mom to let her know we were almost there and before I know it we pulled up to his family’s house. We usually always enter through the garage but Marcus said it wasn’t working and we would have to use the front door. I didn’t think anything of it! I started unloading the car and he kept telling me not to worry about it and that we would get it in just a little bit but by this time it was almost 2 am and I thought he was crazy since I just wanted to get in and go to bed! I ignored him and loaded up our bags in my arms and got to the front door. He opened it and I remember thinking how nice it was that his mom had lit some candles so that we could see where we were going!

I walked past the entrance to start making my way to the bedroom when Marcus cleared his throat and called my name. I turned around and dropped all of our bags! He was standing in the doorway, not even inside and before him there were dozens of candles, a huge bouquet and a massive poster of the two of us with the words will you marry me? I immediately starting crying and asked if he was proposing, I was so surprised since I was CONVINCED he would propose during Christmas time. He laughed, said yes and knelt down. He then asked me to marry him and be his wife forever.

I could barely answer because I was crying so much! Of course, I said yes and he proceeded to hug me and spin me around while I cried some more for another few minutes! Once I finally stopped I saw the ring! The only thing I had told him was that I wanted something untraditional and something blue! He had picked out the most exquisite aquamarine ring for me and it was perfect! He then explained that he had the ring in his pocket the whole drive down and had debated just stopping somewhere in the middle of nowhere and proposing because he was so nervous!

That was a year and a half ago and we were married this past June and could not be happier! I am so happy he didn’t pretend to pop a tire somewhere and stuck with the plan!