Hannah and Levi

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How We Met

Levi and I met in the sixth grade. He was tall, skinny and so cute! I was also tall and lanky and had short hair (not that cute). In seventh grade, we became friends and in eight grade best of friends. We started dating sophomore year of high school.

Like many, during our first semester of college, we decided to go our separate ways. We remained curious about each other as the years past and would always check in with our mutual friends and ask about one another. Fast forward to year 25 – I kept having vivid dreams that Levi and I were together and I knew these meant something. I texted Levi and told him briefly about my dreams (trying not to sound totally crazy). About a week later, Levi picked me up for coffee and a walk and the rest is history. I always knew I wanted to marry him, I just didn’t know it would happen like this! This picture is Levi and me, freshman year of high school.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On top of a Wisconsin bluff

How They Asked

Levi and I got snowshoes as a Christmas present and we (I) couldn’t wait to test them out! We went snowshoeing on New Year’s Day and again on January 19. Levi beat me up the bluff and when I got there he was down on one knee! I couldn’t believe it and honestly had a hard time looking at him because it felt like a dream. I, of course, said, “YES!” We screamed from the top of the bluff that we were engaged. I have never been surer of myself than I was at that moment.