Hannah and Landon

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How We Met

Landon and I met in high school through a friend, I was 16 and he was 14. I remember thinking how cute he was and how I had to get his number. I ended up asking a friend for Landon’s number and texted him as soon as I got home. I had a knot in my stomach thinking what if he’s not into me, or what if he’s taken. Yes, I made the first move…but I had to. We texted each other that entire night and for many days to come! With him being a freshman and me being a junior, no doubts ever crossed our minds! We started dating on November 20, 2011 and our first date was “The Vow” might I add he was a trooper. I knew in this moment we had a connection, who doesn’t love a guy that will watch chick flicks with her?! We dated through high school and I went off to college in 2013, leaving him with 2 years left. We were skeptical about being apart, but agreed to make it work. God had a plan for us, we just knew it!

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how they asked

Landon and his family told me there was a anniversary party on a Friday evening for his Aunt and Uncle! The party would be at their cabin out in Floyd. I usually work Friday nights so I made sure I asked off to be with everyone and celebrate. When asking his Mom and him what time we would be going, they both told me we they weren’t sure of a time yet. A couple days before the plan had changed and the “party” was moved to Landon’s families lake house. I had no idea what was going on, the weather was supposed to be nice so I figured that’s why it had been moved. Little did I know, it was about to be one of the best days of my life. The day came and he told me we would be leaving at 8PM since it wasn’t going to be a big get together. Still, I was totally clueless. We pulled up to the lake and there was candles down the steps, around the dock, and two chairs at the bottom, here I am still clueless. I thought the candles were for his Aunt and Uncle. We get out of the truck and Landon tells me he has to go back to get a life jacket to take down to the boathouse. I asked him where everyone was and he said “They’re always late, they’ll be here soon”. We walked down the steps, and Landon puts the life jacket down. He looks at me and says “I have a surprise for you” and starts digging in his pocket. I instantly start crying because I knew what I’ve been waiting on was coming!! He said “Will you marry me?” I was shocked and I said “Are you sure?” I know probably not the right thing to say, but I was stunned.

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Of course, I said yes! We sat down on the chair and I said “So no one is really coming and this isn’t a party”. He said “Our family is here, they’re over the hill”. He texted them and they all came down, including a photographer. Landon outdid himself that’s for sure and surprised the heck out of me! I can’t believe I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart, and I get to be his wife.

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