Hannah and Laine

How We Met

Laine and I grew up in the same city, went to high school in the same district and met when we were 17, at a party we were both invited to by the same mutual friend. I had gone with two of my best girlfriends and Laine happened to be the lucky guy I picked out of the crowd to ask him to take a picture of my friends and me on a trampoline.

He didn’t take his time finding me on social media, and about a year and a half, and many liked photos later, Laine knocked out three teeth in a skateboarding competition. I started talking online to the guy with from the party whose name I forgot how to pronounce (Was it Lane? or Lane-ee?.. It’s pronounced Lane btw as the car drives in the lane), mostly making fun of his teeth, or lack thereof.

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We ran into each other and at school In November, we were going to the same college, and I clearly couldn’t resist his lack of front teeth. That Christmas, I got a new longboard, which led him to ask me out on what would be our first date, surfing at San Onofre State Beach. After multiple failed attempts, Laine finally convinced me to be his girlfriend on January 21st, 2013. We’ve spent the last 5 years growing together, surfing, camping, and spending time with our German Shepherd, Kona. Laine is my best friend and I am still in shock I get to spend the rest for my life adventuring and growing with the cute guy from the party who knocked out his teeth!

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Laine managed to trick me into thinking we were helping out @nicolekirshnerphotography with another photo shoot for a completely different couple. Nicole is the cousin of one of Laine’s best friends, Garret (who was also sneaky and helped to make this happen). We were going to let her use the bus for a shoot and she’d snap a few cute shots of us before! Fair trade, right? Well you can understand my confusion when we get there, she sets up, starts going on about the “perfect lighting,” and there is STILL no other couple around to be seen? I mean shouldn’t she be concerned that this “other couple” is going to miss the “perfect lighting?” So, as that sank in, my stomach filled with about a million and two butterflies as I leaned against the bus with the thought, this might be it. “Hannah, pull yourself together!” I told myself, and then the pictures began.

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I put it in the back of my mind and forgot about it as Nicole told us what to do… until she instructed us to, “hold hands and face me (Nicole), now hold hands and face each other…” That’s when I looked at Laine, his eyes were tearing up, and you’ll have to ask him about the rest from there because that’s where my memory blacked out. By the looks of the pictures and video though, we can all assume I said yes! Laine Pierson Biagi, I CANNOT WAIT to do the rest of my life with you!

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