Hannah and Kyle

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How We Met

One of my good friends told me about some dating websites I should check out. I wasn’t your typical teenager or young 20 year old. I never dated but knew what I wanted in a future spouse. So I made a profile on Match and OkCupid. At first I wasn’t too sure about the whole online dating world. One night I was away with work and was on OkCupid. This guy named Kyle started chatting with me. He said that my profile picture took him back home, because I had a horse in the background. I told him I was away for a couple weeks at a horse show, but would be back in the area soon. When I got back home I received a few more messaged from Kyle, then he asked me out on a date.

We met at a Japanese steak house where we sat down for hibachi. We were instantly connected with our conversation that we kinda forgot about the hibachi show or even eating in that case. After dinner we took a walk on the beach. I kinda forgot it was lightly raining because we couldn’t stop having great conversations. We shared our first kiss there and was as awkward as any first kiss would be.

We had our second date just two days later. We just enjoyed spending time together that we couldn’t wait any longer. We became an official couple on our second date!

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how they asked

It was the beginning of July 2016 and I woke up from an amazing dream. I turned to my left and told my fiance, Kyle, the dream. I told him that he proposed to me on this cliff where the waves were crashing and it was oh, so tropical. It was a very special moment we shared together.

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Later in July we took a vacation to the Southern Caribbean. Little did I know that he was planning on proposing to me on this trip and he told all his close family and friends that was his plan. Our first port of call was Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos. We took an excursion that was diving for conch and snorkeling. After snorkeling the boat took us to this private island where we waded with sting rays and drank rum punch. We noticed on the island there was this huge hill and a path and wanted to explore it. We got the ok and ran up it as fast as we could, just like little kids would. We race up to the top and just do a 360 degree turn and take in the surroundings.

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To the right was turquoise water and to the left is the rocky side of the island with waves crashing. I turn back around, to my then boyfriend, and Kyle said it can’t get any better than this. He drops down on one knee and says he could not picture his life with anyone else, asks for my hand in marriage. I said, YES! I was so in shock and was like, is this real?

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Kyle asked me in the past when the time comes, for when we get engaged, do you want any pictures or videos? I told him that I would rather it be our special moment that we can share together. Cheers to engagement with some rum punch!

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We got professional pictures taken the night of our engagement by Dream Studios.

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After we got my engagement ring sized, we got a few more professional photos taken during formal night.

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