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How We Met

Koby and I met in November of 2009 at a livestock show in Waco, Texas while checking in our steers (4-H/FFA function). At that moment as a freshman in high school and him being a sophomore, it was love at first sight. But before you start thinking everything since has been picture-perfect, it hasn’t. I was the girl that fell immediately head over heels for this heart throb, while Koby was the more level headed of the two of us.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Koby lived in Wellington (by Amarillo) and I lived in Bremond (by College Station), approximately 382 miles apart. Koby told me he knew it would be so hard having a relationship together given we could not even drive to see each other. He said, “If we start dating I want it to be for the long haul and not short term.” He assured me he could see a future between us, but it was not at this time. At 14, this was the last thing I wanted to hear. However, it made me fall even deeper in love with him. I could see at such a young age, Koby already made such mature decisions. For the next two years, Koby was my long distance best friend. We spent countless hours texting, talking on the phone, Skyping, and seeing each other for a few days out of the year at livestock shows. Our dates would be dressing up nice to Skype; Koby would play the guitar for me. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned in years when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy on September 6, 2011.

Hannah's Proposal in Sulphur Springs, Texas

God sent me a blessing during this time, the friendship of Koby. As I had people walk around me daily, I felt the most comfort with Koby in such a painful time even though he was 6 hours away. My mom is now living a very happy life, 99.99% cancer free. We all know we are so blessed and have been given so much more than we deserve. In the Fall of 2012 my life was turned upside down in the best possible way. As a door felt as if it were closing in on my life, God opened a new one. He put me in the lives of Koby and his family. That Thanksgiving, as a junior in high school, my mom allowed me to drive to Sulphur Springs (by Dallas) to see Koby. (Sulphur Springs was a little over 3 hours away). Koby’s mother, Shelly, and step-dad, Matthew, live in Sulphur Springs as well. Ever since the first visit, I barely remember a weekend not at their home.

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Koby and I were officially a couple and could not be happier. Shelly and Matthew opened their arms to me wide open, treating me as their only daughter. Almost every Friday of my junior year: I would get up an hour early, pack my bags, go to school, get out at 3:00, and then hop in the car to Shelly’s. We then would drive to Wellington (6 hours away) to see Koby. Shelly and I would go back to Sulphur Springs on Sunday where I would then hop back in the car to drive 3 hours home for school the next day. Was I tired? Yes. Was it worth every mile and sleepless night? More than anything in this world.

The weekends that were not spent in Wellington, I spent in Sulphur Springs. Nothing made me more excited on the weekends than to spend it with Koby’s family, even when Koby was not there. Shelly and Matthew now feel like my second parents, while Kutter and Garrett feel like my two little brothers. After months of a lot of driving, Koby finally graduated high school and moved to Commerce. Commerce is 20 minutes from Sulphur Springs where he attended Texas A&M Commerce. I was now in the fall of my senior year of high school; Koby and I switched almost every weekend driving back and forth 3 hours to see one another. Those weekends were well spent with my family and they fell so in love with him.

As October of 2012 approached and Texas Tech University on my mind, all I could think about were the next 4 years. I attended a Texas Tech Livestock Judging Camp during my 8th grade year and fell immediately in love, it was then I was wholeheartedly set on Texas Tech. When it came to apply, the decision was easy. However, Koby loved his college, being close to his mom, and his fraternity. I was so happy for him and would NEVER tell him to go to Tech all for me, yet I still cried possibly every night thinking of another 4 years of living 7 hours apart. Without him knowing that, I stayed strong with my decision.

Endless conversations of how we would make it work turned into an April night in 2013 when Koby told me over the phone, “I am ready to go to Tech in the fall.” My heart pounded inside thinking this must not be true; I kept telling him that I did not want him to go because of me, but because he wanted too. Koby knew what he wanted and did not look back. Koby and I attended Texas Tech for two years together before he graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Agricultural Economics. These two years were the only two years of our five-year relationship that we have seen one another on a daily basis. We “thought” we loved one another before we were both in Lubbock. However, it was during these two years that we learned to fight for one another and what doing life with one another truly looked like. We matured into God-fearing young adults. Koby and I became a team. We even set our minds to a healthier lifestyle and lost a combined 80+ pounds. We grew daily as a couple, but ultimately closer to God. After Koby graduated, he moved to Sulphur Springs where he began making a life with me in mind. He is a loan officer at a local bank and also began his own herd of cattle. It will be two years in May since Koby and I have seen one another on a daily basis. 424 miles separate Koby and I, while I finish college in Lubbock.

how they asked

On December 25, 2016 Koby and I were leaving church to go back to his parent’s home when I noticed that Koby turned in a different direction. I asked him if we were going to the ranch to feed cows and he said, “No I need to show you something!” I did not think for one moment that he was about to propose to me because Koby knows how much I love surprises. He likes to make the smallest things “surprises” so I thought it was one of those type of “things.” We then pulled up to a home where Koby said, “Surprise! It’s ours! We are going to lease it for the next year!” It was the cutest little home in a small neighborhood outside of town. As we opened the door to an empty home there was a Christmas tree where Koby went to plug in the lights. He told me he had bought it for me as well as the 100+ ornaments. However, as I walked closer to the tree I noticed that the ornaments were paper clipped on each branch. Sweet Koby put paper clips on each because the store ran out of ornament hangers.

(My love language is definitely acts of service because I this meant so much to me that he took the time out to do this)! As we walked around the house for 10 to 15 minutes, I turned around to Koby on one knee in the living room when he asked me if I would serve the Lord with him for the rest of our lives. He said that I was his best friend in the whole entire world and he could not imagine me not by his side and that he loved me more than I would ever know. It was the sweetest, most intimate proposal I could have ever asked for. We then used a self-timer on our phone to take a few snaps outside of the home. After we left the home we agreed to not put our engagement on social media until we were able to tell each of our loved ones in person. (We wanted it to be the old fashioned way)! We even videoed a few of our loved ones reactions, so that we could remember those moments forever!

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