Hannah and Kevin

how we met

We met through friends when celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday in Seattle. We hit it off immediately and have talked every day since the night we met.

how they asked

Leading up to the proposal is where the story really begins! We were both sitting at home one evening and Kevin took a call from his dad. I was in the kitchen doing dishes and keeping busy and could overhear him on the phone in the living room. “What? They needed a signature? Okay, well I might take tomorrow off and come over.” That’s all I heard and it peaked my interest but I didn’t want to over think it or ruin any potential surprises of any sort, so I did my best not to ask questions. The next morning I was working from home. Kevin had left for work and then very soon after came back home unexpectedly. *Side note: He works for UPS and picks up and drops off my UPS packages often (this will be important to remember). He brought me a Starbucks coffee and told me he decided to take the day off and needed to “run some errands.” Again I tried to avoid asking too many questions and just let him go do his thing (which is hard for me… I always have lots of questions!). But now I was getting curious….. “Why would he take the day off unexpectedly? What could possibly be SO important that he needed to do TODAY that couldn’t wait until the weekend? What in the world was delivered to his parents’ house that needed a signature?” ….. And it was at that moment that it hit me. I went online to the ring company website that we had browsed together. I knew that if something was delivered via UPS he could just pick it up at work himself, so this mysterious package MUST have been shipped via FedEx. I confirmed that the ring company did in fact use FedEx and in that moment I realized what I had discovered… Kevin ordered my ring!!! Although I KNEW this deep down, I tried my very best to shove it deep down into the abyss of my brain so that I wasn’t constantly thinking about every second of every day. I told Kevin all along that all I wanted when he proposed was to be surprised. I thought there was a 0% chance of that happen in because he is notorious for spilling the beans on even the tiniest little potential surprises. I see right through him every time….! Fast forward to the day of the proposal… We had a 3 day trip planned to Lake Chelan over memorial day week. It was Monday, Memorial Day, and we were headed out on our trip the next day. It was a normal, lazy holiday morning at home. Kevin mentioned possibly driving over to his parent’s house to say Hi and have dinner with them. No set plans and something casual. His brother had just returned from working in Japan the past few months, so we would see him and the rest of the family. This is very typical for us to visit them, so I did not suspect anything out of the ordinary. I still remember saying to Kevin, “Well if we’re just going over to your parent’s house, I don’t even care about washing my hair or showering.” (I still give him a hard time about this). We pulled up to his parents’ house and Kevin’s best friend was pulling in at the same time. He said he was coming by so Kevin’s parents could meet his baby girl. Again, small town and it’s not abnormal for friends to stop by unannounced, so this did not phase me either. We get inside and say Hi to everyone. I’m chatting with his family inside and soon realize that Kevin is nowhere to be found. A few minutes later, Kevin’s best friend’s girlfriend asked me if I could show her through the house because the boys had gone outside. We joined the boys outside in Kevin’s parents’ backyard. I walked over to Kevin and he was being super awkward then the next thing I knew he was down on one knee, hands shaking ferociously, his best friend was taking pictures of us, and Kevin’s entire family was on the upper deck outside watching as I said “YES” to the love of my life. Long story short, I was surprised. Good job, Kevin. You win :)

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