Hannah and Kenny

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How We Met

The way we met is actually pretty funny. My mom is good friends with Kenny’s Aunt and was over at our house one night talking about relationships and dating. I had told her that I wasn’t going to date for a long time because I was sick of hearing of people I know and love being betrayed. I honestly don’t think she listened to what I said because right after she said, ” Well, I have the cutest nephew, and if he has 1 flaw it’s that he is too nice.” She then also explained that he worked at Pixar and I thought, he HAS to be nice if he works there so I’ll give it a shot. So she gave him my phone number and I waited for a call. In a world of social media and online dating apps I was shocked when I started receiving a phone call from this nephew who I had never met before. After an almost 2 hour conversation on the phone we had a plan to set up a date at a coffee shop for the next week. Of course that day comes, it’s pouring rain and I’m running 20 mins late. I showed up and there was a coffee and a very handsome man waiting for me. After 5 hours of talking and non stop laughs, I knew something good was going to come out of this. For our second date he came over to my house and baked cookies with me (my favorite thing to do) and our third a Warriors game. He introduced me to his Basset Hound Basil and I now love her as my own. We have been inseparable ever since our first date and we plan to keep it that way :)

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how they asked

Kenny and I decided to go to Santa Cruz for a weekend getaway for my birthday. We had plans to go to the beach boardwalk and his mom packed us a picnic on the beach to have later on in the day. Fast forward to when he asked- We had driven to the Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz and found a private little spot on the beach to set up our picnic. This was the most extravagant picnic ever, prosciutto, salami, homemade hummus, and many other goodies, his mom went all out! Kenny had told me he brought a few gifts that he got me for my birthday. So quick side note- I have always loved the game of life, as a child and even now I always make Kenny play it with me. So Kenny got me a Life card game where you had to pick a card from each pile (Wealth, Family, Career, Adventure) and they each had point values. Every time you put a card down you had to make up a story about it. For example you can draw “Went Skydiving” and you have to make up a story about a time you went skydiving. So we had been playing the game for a little while (I was still trying to figure out how I win this game) and Kenny put down the “Beach Wedding” card and started telling his story. ” So I got married on a beach, but what is even weirder is that I got engaged on a beach. We were having a really nice picnic and we were playing the game of life and I asked her to stand up”. I looked at him and said “you better not be messing with me!” He asked me to stand up 2 more times and I did. He then got on one knee and told me how much he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life together. I cried my eyes out and he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Of course I said yes and we are SO excited to get married in 2018!

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Special Thanks

Lisa and Terry Pickett
 | Planning
Dee Dee Beucke
 | Giving Hannah's hand in Marriage