Hannah and Kegan

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How We Met

Kegan and I met through a mutual friend, Danielle. It was probably mid-July 2021, and I was working at Culver’s in Gainesville, Georgia with Danielle, and Kegan worked with her husband, Todd in Pendergrass, Georgia. Danielle was telling my friend and I about Kegan and how he had just gotten his ministry up and running and she had just helped him set up the website for it. When I heard he had his own ministry I was hooked! I knew that if he had his own ministry, he had to have been a real man of God. A man that walks life in constant dialogue with God, and that’s what I needed and wanted! So Danielle showed me pictures of him and she showed him pictures of me.

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When I expressed my interest in him, she gave me his number and I texted him. I was about to move back home to South Carolina when we met virtually and we never met in person till a few months later. We texted on and off until then, talking about God mostly.

In November of 2021, we were both invited to Danielle and Todd’s wedding in Georgia and we got to see each other and get to know each other in person. We went to Helen, Georgia for our first date and walked around talking for hours and that’s it! I think we were both hooked by that point and we hung out every day that week at the end of that week, on November 12th, we decided to make our relationship official. ❤️ Kegan became my boyfriend!

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How They Asked

Kegan took Friday, October 14th, 2022 off work to “have a fun day” with me is what he told me. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going or anything, just that he wasn’t going to go to work that Friday and we were going to have fun. He, his sister, Jena, her son, Easton, and I. I was excited from the get-go because he wasn’t going to work so I had a whole day with him!

We had talked about marriage for several months at this point and so when he told me he took the day off and we were going to have fun, I wondered if he was planning to propose. However, I talked myself out of wondering that so I wouldn’t be disappointed if he didn’t propose that day.

So Friday came along and we left to go wherever we were going; Kegan, Jena, Easton, and I. I had no idea where we were most of the ride there, but we started passing signs that pointed towards Helen, and then we drove in that direction and I then knew where we were going.

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First, we tried to go on the roller coaster they have in Helen but it had broken just before we got there so it was closed for the rest of the day unfortunately so then we just walked and ended up on a bridge under the main bridge into Helen on that had love locks all over it.

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I was looking over the railing into the little creek looking for signs of life down there and then I hear Kegan start to say my name so I turned around and as I turned around he was getting down on one knee and asking, “Hannah, will you marry me?” My jaw literally dropped, and he caught me by surprise! I stared at him, jaw dropped, and then overtaken by a huge smile for what felt like 5 minutes before I realized, “wait, I have to answer his question!” I said yes as fast as I possibly could and instinctively grabbed the ring out of his hands to look at it and try to put it on. He ended up taking it back from me and putting it on for me after removing my promise ring he gave me month 6 of dating.

I walked around the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face! We went to lunch after and I notified all the family and friends I could of our engagement.
My boyfriend became my fiancé! I’m going to marry the absolute love of my life and my best friend!🥰

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Special Thanks

Jena Hamdan
 | Photographer