Hannah and Karl

Image 1 of Hannah and Karl

Three years ago on October 22, we met on eHarmony. I (Hannah) thought, “I’m tired of meeting people and getting nowhere. Why not try online dating?” So I went on a few different websites with no luck. Finally I tried eHarmony since I heard some great things about it. After a few days on the site, a guy named Karl decided to message me. We started talking and a week later we went on our first date. We went bowling and really hit it off. Three years later, on that same day, we went bowling again. We hadn’t been bowling in a long time but we both did surprisingly well. We also went ice skating, since we did that on our second date, which is where we had our first kiss. Then he took me back to his house so I could get ready for dinner. He made reservations at an expensive restaurant, something we never really did before. He told me that he needed to get something downstairs. While I was getting ready, he came upstairs and asked me to come downstairs to look at something. When I came downstairs, he told me to sit down across from him. Then he pulled out a guitar from behind the table and started playing “1, 2, 3, 4” by the Plain White T’s (our song). It was so sweet and I loved it so much, especially since he had never played guitar before. I was in tears, it was so sweet. I turned around to admire the guitar after he put it down and when I turned back around to thank him for such a sweet sentiment, he was down on his knee with my engagement ring and he asked me to marry him. I was so excited. It was a simple proposal but it was so sweet. It fit us perfectly because we are a simple couple who love each other very much.