Hannah and Kameron


How We Met

I met Kameron in high school, we had a couple classes together. We did not talk much until one day I hung out with a mutual friend of his and he was there. After that day, he texted me and we could not stop talking sense. December 18, 2011 was the day we had our first kiss. I knew then that he was special and I wanted to be with him.

how they asked

Kameron is stationed in San Diego for the Marine Corps, he is always home on weekends. My mom happened to have extra tickets to Disneyland and Kameron really wanted to go on Tuesday August 9. Right after work we met at my house and we went. As soon as we get there the first thing Kameron said was lets take a picture by the castle. So we start heading over there and the castle was closed. They were preparing everything for the parade and fireworks. They were not letting any one go in front of the castle to take a picture. At this point I am determined to get a picture taken in front of the castle.

I ask a worker if I can please take a picture in front of the castle because Kameron is getting deployed soon. The workers said yes, which by the way I want to take them for letting us do that. So I walk towards the castle thinking I was getting a picture with Kameron, then he starts talking to me and BOOM he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


It was such an overwhelming feeling of just happiness.


All these people were starring at us and congratulating us, it was the perfect way to ask me. I truly felt like a princess. I am still swooning over my gorgeous ring. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with Kameron.

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