Hannah and Kaleb


How We Met

Kaleb and I went to high school together, but with him being two years ahead of me we never had any classes together, therefore we never spoke. We both knew who each other was though and probably even passed each other in the halls or had lunch in the same cafeteria (unknowingly of course!)

Fast forward a few years after high school to a Friday night in August of 2013. I didn’t have any plans that night and was just hanging out when I get a Facebook message from Kaleb. I had worked with his sister in law, so when she had mentioned my name to him he remembered me from high school.


There’s even a picture taken of me, his sister in law, and a few friends with Kaleb in the background at her baby shower…all before we knew what was to come! His first words to me when he messaged me were, “hey, how’s it going?” like we were old friends (lol!) I went with it though and we ending up talking for five hours that night. He told his best friend the next day that he was smitten as a  kitten.

We then talked the next day and the next and that turned into hanging out which then turned into a relationship. We knew from the very beginning that what we had was special. Our relationship was and is something that feels so natural and right. He’s my absolute best friend, someone I want by my side through every step in life, and now we’re getting married!

how they asked

Thanksgiving started out like normal for us, with Kaleb and I making last minute dishes to bring to our families’ that afternoon. The plan was to run by the store for one last minute forgotten item and then go to his parents house and then mine. While we were getting ready that morning he told me he wanted to run by his mammy’s house to measure a glider that would soon be his.

His grandma had recently passed away and the glider was something he had a lot of childhood memories on with both of his grandparents. When we got to the store my mom called and I asked if she needed me to pick up anything and I would bring it there first (which would alter our original plan.)

I noticed Kaleb kind of getting antsy about potentially having to run to my mom’s house first and was pretty insistent in the fact that he wanted to run by his mammy’s first to “go ahead and get it out of the way.” I even mentioned to him that it wasn’t a big deal and as long as we got it done what did it matter when we went? We ended up not needing to go by my mom’s first and I didn’t think anything else about it.

After leaving the store we went to his mammy’s and when we were pulling in the driveway he mentioned that there was litter in the yard that he wanted to pick up. We get out of the car and he tells me to sit on the glider because I was pretty and he wanted to take a picture. I walk over to sit on the glider and wait for him as he picks up the litter.

He comes back and I notice that it was a Teddy Grahams container which I thought was cool because that’s what I had bought for him when we first started dating (we like food!) He then takes a picture of me and sits next to me on the glider.

We started talking and joking about when we first started dating and he asks what was it that he had said to me when I was leaving his house the first night we hung out there.

He was referring to when I was getting ready to go home and he got down on his knee and jokingly said, “Don’t leave me!” After I told him what he had said he got down on his knee and said, “And I don’t ever want you to leave me,” and opened the Teddy Graham container to reveal a makeshift ring box holding the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen!

He had made a ring box out of the container and come to find out it was the same container that I had given him when we first started dating. He kept it for over three years! He went on to say the sweetest things and read me a poem that he had written me. It was perfect!



What made his proposal extra special was the fact that the ring he gave me was the same ring my grandpa had given my grandma as a Christmas gift in 1984 after they had been married for 32 years.



My grandma’s ring paired with the fact we got engaged on his grandma’s glider meant so much to me. Our proposal had so much hidden meaning and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Both of our grandparents got married in 1952 and held true to the phrase, ” ’til death do you part,” and I’m so thankful our proposal had such strong family ties. We were lucky to have such great role models for what love should be.

Afterwards we went to each of our parents’ house and gave the good news. There was much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!