Hannah and Justin

How We Met: Justin and I went to high school together. We were very close, best friends, but nothing ever happened. It wasn’t until we both went to college our separate ways when we decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you, it was a weird thing to kiss my best friend. But I couldn’t be more thankful we both took that first step to our future.

how they asked: My 8 hour engagement.

I woke up on that Saturday morning to a note that Justin had left me.

Image 1 of Hannah and Justin

“Good morning Love, The past couple of weeks have been hard for me and I am so happy that today is finally here. Today is the day, your day. It is finally here. I am sure you are grumpy because you don’t want to be awake right now, but I need you to get in to the shower and get ready for such a big day. You only have one hour until you and your mom leave so use it well. Don’t worry about your hair, or picking the perfect outfit, this will all come with time. I hope today is everything you dreamed of and more. -J”

I was completely shocked. My roommate came out of her room recording my reaction (which was not the most glamour sight). I sat there in my pajamas and messy hair crying because I knew how today was going to end. I did not, however, know how the day would proceed. Once I got freshened up, I got my next letter.

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“Now that you’re all showered, it’s time for the longest part of your journey. Your next instruction will be waiting for you at Ozona’s at Dallas. Make sure to eat a good lunch, today will be a long day. -J”.

So off to the car we went. My roommate Sydney, my mom, and I giggled and gossiped the entire trip. For four long hours I sat in anticipation to see Justin. I figured he wouldn’t make it that easy, but I couldn’t wait to give him the biggest hug. Finally after what seems like a life-time, we made it to the restaurant in Dallas. I anxiously got out of the car, and walked into the restaurant to see my two best girlfriends from high school. We all went to different schools, besides me and my roommate, so we don’t get to see each other that often. I was ecstatic to see them. I couldn’t believe Justin had brought them to me to celebrate this day with me. After our lunch (and maybe some drinks), I got my next letter.

“DON’T YOU DARE PROPOSE TO ME UNLESS MY NAILS Image 3 of Hannah and JustinARE DONE!” As I was putting this together those words were definitely stuck in my head. So I had to make sure that I included this as part of your day so that you don’t hate me forever. Head to nail salon to get your nails done so they look beautiful for tonight. -J”

Off to the nail salon me and my girlfriends went. We ended up at a nail salon about 10 minuets away from Justin and I’s hometown. I felt like I was getting closer to my man. Once I got my nails all pretty, I got my next letter.

“Now that your nails are done, you are one step closer to being ready for tonight. Surely by now you are feeling a lot of anticipation but PATIENCE, as always, is key. You will need to take the girls to target in Rockwall where I have a surprise waiting for you.”

Justin always teases me about my patience. Justin has always been the calm and patient one, while I am the complete opposite. When I arrived at target I was eager and confused. I couldn’t figure out what my surprise was. I walked into Target and around the corned I saw one of my best friends Lauren (who was hiding in the clothes). Lauren and I met through our boyfriends about two years ago and instantly hit it off. Lauren gave me my next letter.

“No proposal would be right without the perfect outfit, and to avoid any time wasted this morning trying to find one, I figured you and your girls could use this time to find the perfect outfit for tonight. I have enclosed hopefully enough for you to get everything you need. You have till 5:30 to find your outfit the you will receive your next set of instructions. -J”

Turns out the things were running behind so I got two letters for one. Lauren told me we would come back to get an outfit but first I get my net clue.

“You hair has always been the biggest thing that people have complimented you on, and why not ? It is another wonderful part of your stunning beauty. To make sure it is absolutely right for tonight, I have gotten you a hair appointment scheduled.”

Apparently the hair dresser was out of town, so Justin had to schedule it with a different girl last minuet. So he had to switch up the plan a little. Not that it mattered at all, I was too excited to to even notice. So my and all the girls made our way to the hair salon, and then made our way to the store to get the perfect outfit. My sister-in-law surprised me to help find the perfect outfit and to hand me the next letter.

“The time is nearing for our day to end, and it will be a joyous end indeed. I am sure that you are ready for it to be over already, but the day would not be complete if you didn’t go get margs with the girls. It’s time to knock the nerves off and get ready. I hope you are enjoying yourself. -J”

He was completely right. I was more than ready to see him. The day had started at 8 a.m. and we were nearing 7 p.m. It was an extremely rewarding day enjoying my friends and family but man oh man I wanted to see my man. We headed to go get margaritas to take off the edge where my soon to be mother-in-law met us. After all us girls had drinks and talked about the day and everything, my soon to be mother-in-law handed me my next, and final, letter.

“This brings us to our last set of directions for today. I hope it has been a wonderful day for you. Please wear the enclosed “sleepy mask” to cover your eyes. You will be taken to your very last location for the night where I will meet you and ask you a very important question. I hope you are ready. I love you more. -J”

This is when the the butterflies really kicked in. I was so ready and anxious to see Justin. I put on the mask and got in the car. It again, seemed like ages until the car came to a stop again. I was told to wait in the car. I heard the door open and my dad’s voice begin to talk. Justin had told me my dad to write me a letter specifically for this night. After my dad’s beautiful letter, we hugged and he helped me out of the car and walked me up to where Justin was standing.

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Justin took off my “sleepy mask” and told me how beautiful I looked. I looked around and saw that we were at my parents house. Justin had decorated the house with lights everywhere and had invited out family and friends. Finally, surrounded by our loved ones, in our hometown, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I had a really long time (8 hours) to think about this answer. But I knew what I was going to say. I ecstatically said yes and FINALLY got to hug and kiss my new fiancé.

Image 4 of Hannah and Justin