Hannah and Justin

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How We Met

In May 2014 we both swiped right. After we started talking, we quickly realized that Justin worked where I went to medical school, and we had mutual friends. We quickly learned how much we both love cooking together, reading, and traveling. In fact, we ended up spending our first anniversary in Istanbul together! About a year after we started dating, I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to start my residency. We dated long distance for a few months before Justin moved up to join me.

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how they asked

Justin’s parents suggested a trip to the Grand Canyon, and Justin and I somehow decided that we should hike all the way down, camp at the bottom, and hike back up – we are not serious hikers by any means, so I’m not sure how/why we decided this. In any case, we got all the necessary gear and did a bunch of squats to try to prepare. We met his parents at a hotel on the South Rim of the canyon, and one chilly Tuesday morning, we set off for the bottom. It was a gorgeous day. We made it to the campsite at the bottom, set up our tent, and wandered to a sandy strip on the banks of the Colorado River to relax. As we were sitting together, Justin asked me, “What’s the hardest thing you think you’ve ever done, physically?” And I said “Probably going to be the hike up tomorrow omg.” Justin laughed and agreed, then said, “Well, the easiest thing I’ve ever done is spend the last 3 years with you, and it’s an easy decision for me to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I started grinning like an idiot. Justin was too exhausted to get on one knee and I was too tired to stand up. He pulled the ring out of his (zippered) pocket and asked me to marry him. I thought a proposal at the bottom of the Grand Canyon was pretty fantastic, but there were more surprises to come! We hiked back up the following day, and it was just as beautiful as the day before. When we got near the rim, I put the ring back on (kept it in our bag for safekeeping during the hike!) because I knew Justin’s parents were meeting us at the top. But when we came up the final incline, not only were Justin’s parents waiting, but my parents and brother surprised me too! Justin had been planning the whole thing for several months – I was so surprised and grateful that my family was there to celebrate with us. We’re so excited to get married in May 2019!

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