Hannah and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I met in college at Taylor University in the middle of the cornfields of Indiana. It was my sophomore year and his junior year. We met while waiting in line with mutual friends for Airband (a campus wide lip synching and dance competition). We exchanged names and basic information over card games with our friends during our wait. Jonathan had noticed me around campus before we met, and was excited to get to know me.

After we first met, Jonathan and I would see each other around campus and sometimes hang out with a group of friends. He was bold in his pursuit of me, and walked up to me at a campus cookout and asked me to go with him on a pick-a-date (a large group date that his floor was hosting). I said yes, and that began our journey of spending time together.

We spent that fall adventuring together and getting to know one another. In November, Jonathan and I climbed on the roof of a building on campus to stargaze. At the end of the evening, he asked me to go on a date with him to Indianapolis, which I excitedly agreed to! After many adventures, and Jonathan meeting my family, we started “officially” dating.

how they asked

It was June 25th and I was on a girl’s weekend trip with his sisters and mom. They came to my house in Wisconsin to spend time together and finally see where I was from. We had a fun weekend of activities planned, including a hiking day at Devil’s Lake State Park where I grew up hiking and camping at the park with my family. Devil’s Lake is also one of Jonathan and I’s favorite spots to go hiking, hammocking and swimming in the summer.

Just a summer before, we had spent a day there getting very lost on a long hike in the woods, and learning to love one another better by trying to find our way as a team. We eventually navigated our way out of the woods and back to the trail, and enjoyed a sweet picnic together overlooking Devil’s Doorway. So, I was really excited to show his family a place that meant so much to us.

We spent Saturday morning leisurely in Wisconsin Dells with a boat tour, lunch and coffee. Eventually, in the afternoon, we made our way over to Devil’s Lake State Park and started hiking the trail towards Devil’s Doorway. Jonathan’s mom and sisters led the way on a different path than I was used to.

For a few moments, I was confused with why they were taking a different trail than I was trying to take… and then I saw my best friend all dressed up, standing in the woods. She gave me a beautifully written letter from Jonathan, shared some sweet and encouraging words with me and then sent me off to continue the hike.

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Thus began, a journey with 13 sweet stops filled with some of the people that we love most.

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Every stop was filled with great excitement, tears and joy as I felt the love and support that all of our friends and family were showing us!

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Jonathan’s siblings flew in all the way from Lynchburg, Virginia and Denver Colorado to celebrate with us!

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The last of 13 stops was a very sweet and emotional one with my parents. They had a little changing station set up for me in the wilderness with a beautiful dress Jonathan picked out for me to wear. After crying through all the stops, they helped me do my hair and makeup before seeing Jonathan.

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They affirmed their love and support of us and the decision that we were entering into, and prayed with me before sending me off to him!!

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I can’t explain the joy and anticipation that I felt walking the last leg of the journey towards Jonathan.

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I rounded the corner and there he was standing in front of Devil’s Doorway, flowers in one hand and a handmade wooden ring box that he made with my Dad in the other. We hugged for a bit as I continued to cry tears of joy, and he whispered sweet things in my ear.

Then Jonathan got down on one knee and said “Hannah Lorraine, will you marry me?!”

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Of course, I said “YES!!”

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I can’t fully explain the joy and excitement that I felt in those moments and continue to feel, knowing that we get to adventure together for the rest of our lives!!

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