Hannah and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I met true 21st-century style on this lovely little app called tinder. It still gives me a chuckle thinking about the series of events that made the stars align and for us to meet IRL. Let’s just say one of my best friends had a little too much to drink and made the first move for me by calling this guy & practically setting up the first date.

I agreed to it. Our third date was a tad bit dramatic, I needed a date to a ball. Yes, you read that correctly a ball, like Cinderella dresses and all. I had no shame in asking the random guy you’ve barely had two dates with to fly to New Orleans and accompany you to a ball. The craziest part was he said yes! Here we are 6 years later it was finally my turn to say yes.

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How They Asked

Well, I have to preface our story by saying my man is smart, and he knows me. About a month prior to our trip to Savannah, he had thrown out there that he’d think it would be fun to split our time over in Charleston SC. We had always wanted to go and was top of our list, so no brainer. He asked me if I would plan this last leg of the trip, hotel, restaurants, etc. Even though this was ‘his’ trip I was like sure. Little would we know that that specific weekend that we were visiting was an insane tourist weekend. I mean EVERYTHING was booked. I was in a bit of a fluster worried we wouldn’t have anywhere to stay and would have to cancel this leg of the trip.

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Until low and behold I stumbled upon this extremely unique boutique hotel and historical preservation property right outside of Downtown called The Inn at Middleton place. All I can say is look up pictures on IG, it’s such a hidden gem. If you ask anyone that really knows me can tell you how much I love a good juxtaposition of old and new, I literally have a business solely named around that (Alt & Neu). This place is exactly that, modern structures dropped right into historical European gardens nestled up to the Ashley River. It definitely oozes romanticism.

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But that wasn’t even on my mind when booking. I was purely stoked about the onsite horses that we could ride :). Upon arriving in Charleston I had our entire day planned out; Early breakfast, gardens, Museum (nerd), Horseback riding, Dinner in The French Quarter, and Drinks. The perfect day in my book. But little did I know that Jonathan had some embellishments to add to the day. That morning we made our way down to the riverside gardens with coffee in hand for a leisurely stroll of the grounds. Jonathan had prepared his film camera the night before to snap some black and white photos, something we do on all of our trips. We were both just taking in the absolute beauty of our surroundings. Jonathan snapping some images here and there, some of me some of the flowers.

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At one point he positioned me on this bench overlooking the entire garden and had me peer off in the distance. Feeling a bit dramatic sitting there picturesque I turned around. There he was, quivering on one knee with a ring pinched between his two fingers. “Will you Marry me?” he uttered, I was smiling cheek to cheek. Is this really happening? I totally didn’t figure this into our itinerary for the day. Like, we’re ENGAGED now! I had almost forgotten to reply with a “yes” being overwhelmed with love and joy and excitement. All the emotions at once. Six years was worth the wait to spend forever with you Jonathan. Now as it goes the next question is “when are you getting married” “where are you getting married,” I’ll have to stop you right there and say we have no clue. Just taking in these moments and feelings, figuring out the next steps one day at a time. There’s not a finish line to rush to when you have forever <3

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