Hannah and Johnson

How We Met

Johnson and Hannah have both worked at different summer camps for many years. Johnson started his camping career at a camp on the Texas Coast near Port Aransas, TX as an intern in 2010. Since 2014, Hannah has been on staff at an all-girls camp in Wimberley, Texas. Although they didn’t meet until Johnson lived out of state, they were very connected — Johnson’s boss and Hannah’s best friend and coworker are married! After years of being connected but not actually meeting, Johnson decided to go back to school to earn his MS at the University of Georgia. While he was living in Athens, GA, he came back to TX to attend a camp conference, the same camp conference that Hannah was also attending! They only talked for a couple of minutes before going their separate ways, but that’s all it took. A few days later Johnson reached out to Hannah with a simple Facebook message.

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Where to Propose in Camp Capers

After countless hours of texting, calling, and FaceTiming, a Spring Break trip to Texas sealed the deal and they started dating…long distance. After about a year of traveling thousands of miles between Georgia and Texas to see each other, Johnson finally graduated from UGA and moved back to Texas to be close to Hannah. Johnson is now the director of a summer camp and retreat center in the Hill Country of Texas and Hannah continues to work at the all-girls camp in Wimberley, now serving as the director of the day camp program. They love traveling, the outdoors, and their puppy Juniper. They are both passionate about the power and importance of summer camp and are truly blessed with amazing family and friends.

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How They Asked

A great proposal is only made possible with A LOT of help. On November 24, 2019, Hannah was distracted with errands & lunch in Wimberley by a group of her girlfriends, while Johnson gathered a group of mutual friends to set up his perfect plan to ask Hannah to marry him. When the ladies arrived at the camp where Johnson works, Johnson led Hannah to an undeveloped part of the camp where a golf cart covered in twinkle lights was waiting. While their favorite songs played over a Bluetooth speaker, Johnson handed Hannah a blank scrapbook. He drove the golf cart to one of the numerous campsites where pictures hung on strings of twinkling lights. Each picture represented times that they were with each other’s families. While they were looking at photos and putting them into the scrapbook together, a mutual friend was hiding behind trees and taking pictures of this magical moment.

They then drove to several other campsites, each with a theme of pictures on strings of lights: travels together, time spent around water, and messages over the course of their relationship. The final picture station was right next to the Guadalupe River, the same spot that they had visited the very first time Johnson had come to see Hannah in Texas over his Spring Break. The pictures were of those very first pictures they had together. Johnson then led Hannah to a hammock he had set up, just like the first time they had been there.

He began describing what their relationship meant to him and while Hannah’s eyes were completely filled with tears, he got down on one knee and proposed in the most perfect moment ever imagined. And Hannah said YES!! After the proposal, Johnson led Hannah to another spot on the river where he had set up a foot-washing station.

As a symbol of how they would serve each other in their relationship, the first act as an engaged couple Johnson and Hannah washed each other’s feet. Once they dried each other’s feet off, Johnson took Hannah back to a surprise party where friends and families gathered to celebrate their engagement.