Hannah and Joel

How We Met

I met Joel in a CrossFit class. At the time I was waiting to hear my destination for the Peace Corps (a 2.5 year commitment in a third world country). I dropped into a random class because I knew the coach and Joel was there. After class, Joel and I hung around talking about camping, hiking, sports, and everything in between. He asked me to grab a drink, and we did. It was the best first date we both have ever had. And the last!

save the date- rome

how they asked

When I met Joel, I was getting ready to leave for the Peace Corps. This meant 2.5 years in a Peru, thousands of miles away with limited communication. I knew Joel was the love of my life, but what am I crazy? I just met him! Before I left, Joel and I took a trip to Bali and I got really sick. He took care of me while we were traveling, and that’s when I knew I could take a blind leap of faith. Fast forward 1 year, Joel and I take a 3 month trip around the world before a big move to Seattle. I requested we visit the mountain Machu Picchu in Peru because it was what I wanted to see when I did the Peace Corps– Joel agreed. He bought tickets and we had a lovely day hiking around the mountain. Around sunset, he took me to a quiet part of the mountain away from tourists. Joel set up a camera that had a remote control so he could point and “click” while posing with me. After a few normal poses, he handed me a map and told me to look down. On the map was an arrow pointing to where we stood and the words, “This is where I ask Hannah to marry me.” I turned around and he was down on one knee with a ring. Now, Peru has entirely new meaning for me–an unforgettable moment with my best friend!