Hannah and Jimmy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Jalama Beach, California

How We Met

Jimmy and I met in a brewery in Boulder, Colorado in early 2014 and
what I figured would be a stop in for a quick beer ending up being a long night of getting to know my best friend. We talked about everything and had similar interests including outdoor adventures. Soon we started spending every weekend together going snowmobiling, boating, fishing, backpacking you name it we were excited to do it together! One night sitting on his back porch his told me, “I don’t want a girlfriend” and I said, “good I don’t want a boyfriend!” Although we still kept going on all these adventures together making new memories and not very long after that conversation I think we both knew we were perfect for each other. We’ve been inseparable since our first night of meeting and now we’re taking on the world together.

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how they asked

Jimmy and I are currently on a year long road trip traveling the west coast up to Alaska with our two dogs living in a custom 1969 truck camper. Therefore we spend a lot of time together so I had no idea when/how Jimmy would be able to plan a surprise proposal, but he pulled it off! He had been hiding the ring in the truck for over two months just waiting for the perfect moment and that perfect moment was March 31st. We were camping at Jalama Beach in California and this place was just plain special. We had never been there before, but took the long windy 15 mile road through the beautiful rolling hills of central California. Jalama Beach is secluded, quiet, and breathtakingly beautiful. Our last night in Jalama Jimmy suggested we take the dogs for a sunset walk on the beach, which we do almost every night so I did not think anything of it.

We were walking the coast with no one in sight with me slightly ahead of him and he asked me to grab the camera from him so I turned around. I turned around and there was Jimmy down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring with our two dogs asking me to marry him! Of course I some what blacked out during the moment at first I felt tears coming and then immediately all I could feel was immense joy and quickly I shouted yes!

With my camera we took some self-timer photos to document the special moment. We walked up to the small general store on the beach and purchased a bottle of champagne which we shared as the sun finally set on that day. Of all the beautiful amazing adventures we’ve been on we are so thrilled to begin this next chapter of our adventure together! Follow us along as our journey continues @allinthebedofatruck.com.

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