Hannah and Jesse

How We Met

Jess and I met in college. We were leaving an event and I saw him across the street with his friends. Something in my gut told me I HAD to get to know him. And I thought he was super handsome, so might have played a part. ;) I asked my friends who the cute guy was, they told me the plan was to head to his house for the after-party. We ended up chatting the whole night and instantly clicked. We’ve been together ever since!

How They Asked

Jesse and I planned to visit my grandpa (who is also my favorite person) in Arkansas and then head to NYC right after. Every time we visit him, we go to this place called the Old Mill in North Little Rock. I grew up in Arkansas and have a lot of memories at the Old Mill – it’s one of my favorite places. I used to stick my head out the window and pretend I was a princess in the castle. It was my real-life version of a fairytale. It is also in the opening scene of Gone With The Wind! (Jesse and I are obsessed with film, so we geek out over that). It’s basically tradition for us to walk around the Old Mill and take pictures — so this day was no different. We took a bunch of pictures and walked around, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Hannah and Jesse's Engagement in Old Mill, North Little Rock, AR

At one point, Jesse asks to get a picture of just the two of us and hands his phone to my Grandad and sets up a camera on a tripod to take “photos”. The camera was actually recording video the whole time. I think we are taking pictures so I’m posing and then he drops to one knee and asks me to marry him. I ugly-cried (think Kim Kardashian meme). My Grandad was able to be there for this special moment which meant the world to me. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better proposal. It was perfect. I was also SO surprised (hence the ugly cry). Then we got to head off to NYC to celebrate our engagement and spend quality time together.


Proposal Ideas Old Mill, North Little Rock, AR

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Old Mill, North Little Rock, AR

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