Hannah and Jeff

How We Met

My sophomore year of college was coming to an end and I was packing up my dorm before heading home for the summer. I had never been in a relationship and I was patiently waiting for a good guy to come into my life. It was so random when a distant friend of mine asked to get coffee and it all made sense when she proceeded to tell me she had a friend that asked her to put in a good word about him. she was our mutual friend and he asked her to invite me to church, where he would get a chance to “coincidentally meet me”. She went around the plan and told me directly his plan to meet me. she said he didn’t want to slide in my dm’s because of the stereotype attached to guys who do that. He wanted us to meet, in person, the traditional way. I thought that was so sweet of him and I loved that he wasn’t like the other guys. So, I agreed to the plan.

Hannah and Jeff's Engagement in Sedona, Arizona

Nervous for what was in store, I went to church and he was nowhere to be found. He was the worship leader and at the last minute, got rescheduled for a different campus. I was sad we didn’t get to meet and my school year was over. I left for Texas the next day where I would spend the next 4 months until returning back for school. At this point, it wasn’t going to be 4 months until we would get another chance to meet. Driving home I thought… “he didn’t want to dm me but.. who says I can’t DM him?” So I went for it! We hit it off right away. Texting led to phone calls, which lead to facetime. Definitely not the way we planned for the meeting but it was perfect. The next 4 months flew by and we talked for hours every day. We could not wait to officially meet in person. I was definitely nervous, it was weird to “meet” the person you already knew so well. I moved back to school at the start of my junior year and I went to church to finally meet him. It was a 4 month anticipated moment. I spent the past 4 months falling in love with this man I was finally getting to be face to face with. It went so well and all the chemistry was there. Those 4 months allowed us to get to know each other on such an intimate level without all the physical factors. Our relationship just took off, built on such a strong foundation.

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How They Asked

It was a normal Saturday when I was getting ready for a wedding that my boyfriend and I were attending later that evening. With a cute outfit on and all ready for the wedding, he suddenly changed plans and spontaneously said we should drive 2 hours north to Sedona Arizona. Always down for an adventure, I agree! This sounded fun and I didn’t see anything weird about it. He mentioned we should do a hike that we did about a year ago when I said there’a no way I could hike in this outfit! He insisted that we would do the hike and that I could do it. In sandals and all.

Hannah's Proposal in Sedona, Arizona

He started being weird and stalling when I started getting upset that we would miss the sunset. He started acting strange but I looked right past it. The hike was challenging but we finally maybe it to the top. The sun was setting and the red rocks were breathtaking. When I saw his hand reach in his pocket I knew. He got down on one need and I burst into tears. It was a full-on ugly cry and I don’t even remember what was said! I managed to find my voice when I said yes and the ring was slipped on my finger.

I turned to see the cameras and my best friends there to celebrate. The funny part was noticing my friends were barefoot because they couldn’t make it up the mountain in the shoes they were wearing. We took lots of pictures before heading down for some pizza in the quaint town. We finished the night celebrating at a family members cabin cuddled next to a fire with snow out the windows. We wanted a day until telling everyone and that was so fun, it gave us time to soak it all in before announcing it. I felt like It was all a dream.

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