Hannah and Jason

How we Met:

Jason and I met when I joined the gym he worked at – yes he was my personal trainer! I knew the moment I saw him that I had to get to know him, he had this energy and this genuineness about him that I’d never experienced in a man before. I bought package after package trying to get him to go on a date with me. 6 months later he finally asked me out by asking “how spontaneous are you?” I replied with “very” and his response was “last ferry leaves in an hour and a half, can you make it?” Our first date was slated to be on an island and I wasn’t going to miss it for the world! I showered, threw god knows what into a bag, and hit the road as fast as I could. I made it with a minute to spare and we spent the entire weekend exploring and getting to know each other. I knew he was the one when we woke up the next morning and he excitedly took me on a wild goose chase around the island showing me all his favorite spots and best memories from growing up. A year later we sold our belongings, quit our jobs and hit the open road for California and we’ve been adventuring ever since!

how they asked

Jason, being the kindhearted soul that he is, is not the best at keeping secrets. He was very excited about what he was hinting at relentlessly for months and months. I, of course, was dying to know WHEN it would actually happen, but he kept hush. One weekend we decided to head out on an overnight backpacking trip to North Dome in Yosemite National Park. We had been here once before and I remember thinking “gosh this would be a gorgeous place to propose to someone…” I thought for sure this was my chance! All day I was on the edge of my seat, expecting someone to pop out from behind a tree with a camera and I did everything in my power not to sweat on the hike (which was quite the effort on 85 degree heat) in case there was a photo op. We got to our camp spot and set up camp. but nothing happened. In fact, Jason took a 2 hour nap in the tent! I thought for sure it wasn’t happening then and settled down for a nice evening watching the sunset. Bummed but happy to be there, I started a fire and we began cooking dinner. Jason got up to go get a sweater from his bag and it took me a while to notice that he was really putting an effort into sifting through his bag. I looked at him, confused. And then he asked me a question we’ve become accustomed to asking each other, “how spontaneous are you?” I of course replied “very!” as he stumbled over with a silver box and got down on one knee. He forgot all the words he was going to say and I was so shocked that I almost forgot to say yes! but it couldn’t have been a more ‘us’ moment and in a more perfect place than Yosemite.