Hannah and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I met in August 2015 during the start of our Freshman year as collegiate athletes. Jason is a swimmer from Cape Town, South Africa and decided to pursue swimming in America at Indian River State College. As I searched for a college to continue my volleyball career, Indian River seemed like the perfect place to begin my future. Little did I know a South Africa swimmer would change my world forever. Jason’s kindness, selflessness, South African accent, and chiseled features attracted me to him right away.

We became best friends and began dating within weeks of meeting each other. In October of 2015, only weeks after meeting, I told Jason he would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. Fast forward to the summer of 2016 when I spent three weeks in Cape Town with Jason’s family exploring his culture, food, and unforgettable views. I have been fortunate enough to return every summer since.

how they asked

My Fiancé, Jason, moved to the United States three years ago on a student visa. We decided we wouldn’t do an engagement/proposal because we are still poor college students. However, we were already planning our wedding and had already picked out a date because Jason and I are on a strict timeline as he hopes to immigrate into the states. This past summer we went to Cape Town together to visit Jason’s family when he secretively sold his car to buy a Cape Diamond engagement ring!

Jason is a morning person, and I love to sleep in… so naturally, he makes me breakfast in bed quite often (I am the luckiest girl in the whole world). One morning during our stay in Cape Town, Jason brought me a tray full of the most delicious, beautifully made breakfast. On the tray, I found a ring box that Jason picked up as he got down on one knee next to the bed. Tears immediately streamed down my face as I realized what was happening. I get to love this man for the rest of my life (AND with a giant diamond on my finger)!