Hannah and Jared

how we met

Long ago, fate placed Hannah and I at the same Jr. High birthday party. From far across the room, I spotted Hannah and said to myself, “One day, I’m going to marry that girl!”. To fulfill my destiny, I followed her into the bounce house where we finally met and Hannah proceeded to play “hard to get”. Both her and I were filled with butterflies but neither of us dared to express how we truly felt. Sadly, the day came to a close and the two of us parted ways . . . But as fate would have it, we would both go on to attend the same high school! There, the flirtation continued, with a few occasional dates and even a trip to prom. Despite this, destiny decided that it still wasn’t the right time for us to get together . . .A few years into college (and a few years of maturing), destiny finally decided it was time for us to reconnect and begin our adventure! After six years of dating, Hannah and I are beginning the next chapter in our love story and will live happily ever after . . .

how they asked

Don’t get me started on the planning processes! Hannah and I already knew we wanted to get married and had planned on getting engaged once I finished grad school. This thorough planning, AKA procrastination, ended up hurting my ability to be sneaky. I now had to figure out a way to surprise a girl who was waiting for a surprise. After many days of tossing and turning, I finally figured out the perfect way to propose. Hannah and I would often take our dog on walks on the nearby trails. Although these walls were a routine exercise for us, they held deep meaning and allowed us an opportunity to confide in one another about our day. It was through this routine that I knew I could propose to her without her ever expecting a thing. I worked hand in hand with Lorin, our photographer, Hannah’s dad, and my parents to plan the big proposal. Once Hannah returned from having lunch with her sister, we planned on going on the same “routine” walk, but this time we would leave engaged. I had both of our families and our close friends meet us halfway through our walk where Hannah was surprised and I got down on one knee. Lorin was able to capture the whole thing. After that I blacked out a little bit but I knew it had worked. I was able to surprise a girl who had been expecting the biggest surprise of her life.

Special Thanks

Lorin Kelly Photography
 | Photography