Hannah and Jamie

How We Met

It’s crazy to think that our story began more than five years ago when we were just sixteen and seventeen years old, high school sweethearts as some would say! Initially, we knew each other through school and mutual friends; however, it was both of our interests in running that really brought us together. I was starstruck by Jamie (a very studly athlete at that time) and apparently somewhat charmed by the toad that he set on my shoulder at a bonfire on the night that we really started paying attention to each other. I would like to think that Jamie was memorized my gangly long running legs, blonde pony tail, and smashing personality ;). The rest, you can say was history! From cross country to prom. High school graduations to college graduations. Job hunting to now wedding planning, we are beyond blessed to have ‘grown up’ together. While watching my brother and consequentially Jamie in a basketball contest my middle school aged self would have never guessed that when my mom suggested, “You should date that Jamie one day. He seems like a nice kid,” that I would one day end up as his wife!

Image 1 of Hannah and Jamie Vander

how they asked

Jamie had planned a shopping day. He said he wanted to take some back roads home. I didn’t think anything of it considering I love capturing photos of rural Iowa. We stopped at a nature area with walking trails and lakes. “Let’s get out and walk around,” Jamie suggested. “Nah. It’s too hot and there are people everywhere,” I replied. Jamie answered back with a simple, “Okay.” Little did I know is that Jamie had specifically mapped out that location to ask me to marry him that day. Once we got back to his house he had another idea. He wanted to take a ride on his motorcycle down to a beautiful scenic spot on the river that we always boat in. “Nah. It’s too hot and my hair will get messed up,” I replied once ruining Jamie’s ‘plan B’. “Okay,” Jamie replied again quietly. Finally, the third time was the charm. Jamie suggested we drive to his families camp site down by that same river because he had something he needed to pick up there. “Okay,” I finally said. Jamie, I imagine, was relieved. Once we got there I walked down to a giant maple tree close to the river bank. “This is my favorite place in the entire world,” I said. With that, thunder started rumbling in the distance, the entire earth felt like it was standing still and the only things that was moving were the river, Jamie, and myself. By that giant maple tree, at my favorite place in the entire world Jamie got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Although I had single-handedly messed up all of his plans for the proposal he had planned, I could not have asked for a better moment. And of course, I said yes!

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