Hannah and Jake


How We Met

Each time I find myself describing my history with Jake Fallon, I get a little more emotional every.single.time. Our story goes way back (and I mean wayyyy back)! In fifth grade, Jake and I were in the same class. That’s when I noticed his adorable tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed self. In fact, I wrote about him in my diary.

I wrote “Jake- cute, funny, but weird at times.” Which to this very day is all still true about my sweet Jake ;) Being the fifth grade girl I was, I was focused on sleepovers with my besties and could care less about boys.

But don’t you worry, for the next 7 years, my crush on Jake Fallon continued to grow. Each year of school we always had a class together. I’d always tell my friends how perfect I thought Jake was. Fast forward to senior year of high school… 2010. It was the start of our final year at Seneca Valley (our high school in Pennsylvania) and i couldn’t keep my eyes off Jake.


He was the epitome of a “dream guy.” He drove a nice car, wore adorable clothes, was kind to every one, and had a smile that could knock you off your feet. I just had to have him. However, my shy self couldn’t even say hello to the kid in the hallway.

After weeks and weeks of secretly admiring Jake, we were both invited to the movies on a Friday night with a group of mutual friends. Can you imagine how much I was freaking out at this point?! That night after the movie, Jake asked for my number.

Which then led to a series of movie dates later, which then led to a date night on Mount Washington to Light Up Night (the biggest event in Pittsburgh to mark the start of the holiday season). The night was so much fun. I truly kept pinching myself to remember I was on a DATE with this perfect boy that I’ve had my eyes on for what seems like forever.


When we got back to my house, he dropped me off at my front door, but leaned down and asked me to be his girlfriend. OMG. I was dying. My heart starting racing and I couldn’t even comprehend the words.

Of course I said yes, and on November 26th, 2010, we started our journey together. We went to senior prom together, which was one of the greatest nights of all time. Prior to the dance, it was a big tradition for the girls in my school to be asked to prom in a very unique way.


Well, leave it to Jake Fallon to come up with the most amazing way EVER to ask me to the dance. We both had the same teacher for advanced biology, only he had it 2nd period and I had it 3rd period. After his bio class, I would always meet him at the top of the stairs before I entered class.

On this particular day, I didn’t find him at the top of the stairs… my friends told me to just go inside to biology class and text him later. To my dismay, I did. When I got to class, our teacher said “Hannah, Jake said he’ll go to prom with you when pigs fly.”

Confused, I looked over and saw a massive cardboard box sitting near my desk. I opened the box, and tons of little pink pig balloons flew from the top. Jake then came around the corner with a dozen pink roses and said “well, now that pigs have flown, I guess I get to take my beautiful girlfriend to prom.”

Ohhhh all the feels, alll the feels. Our senior prom was unforgetable. I remember that evening as we danced the night away, thinking To myself, “I sure am gonna marry this boy some day.”

We then graduated from Seneca Valley and both started our college careers at Penn State. He majored in Plastics Engineering and I majored in nursing. Having him by my side for those four long and stressful (yet amazing and memorable) years was exactly what I needed.


Jake is my best friend. We created some memories at college that I will never forget. We made great new friends, and we pushed each other to reach our dreams.

Once we graduated, Jake was offered a full ride to Virginia Tech to pursue his PhD in chemical engineering. I knew I couldn’t do long distance, so I made the big decision to move with him. As a nurse, my job is incredibly flexibile! In August of 2015, we bought our little townhouse in Virginia and started an incredible new journey together. Life in Virginia has been nothing but bliss for us. We feel so lucky to be doing life together.

how they asked

It was the summer of 2016, and Jake and I had been now dating for almost six years (aka, I knew the big question HAD to be coming soon). Since we began dating in high school when we were 17, we truly have experienced so much together.

Jake has been there by my side for every high and every low, and he’s truly the better half of me.  He’s my very best friend. When I pictured my future husband a little girl, Jake is all of that and so much more. He exemplifies qualities in a man that I didn’t even know I needed.

He’s selfless, extremely generous and incredibly tender-hearted. He knows what I need before I do, and he makes me laugh until my belly hurts. I’m convinced Jake Fallon was made for me. After a year of dating Jake back in 2011, I vividly remember thinking to myself “I know I’m gonna marry this man someday.”

On July 30th, 2016, my dreams came true, and Jake popped the question that I’d been wishing on a shooting star for. We were on vacation in Siesta Key Florida, visiting Jake’s aunts and uncles with our best friend from college, Katie.

Jake had been planning the proposal with his Florida family and Katie for weeks prior to our trip. He had planned to pick the night with the best sunset during the trip.

On Saturday, Jake and Katie both agreed that night would be the THE night. Jake conversed with his aunt and uncle about where to be hidden on the beach with the cameras. Jake wanted to take me to a fancy dinner prior to heading to the beach for our sunset walk (a favorite of ours when at the beach).

Katie came up with the genius idea to play sick so that Jake could take me to dinner, just the two of us. Let me tell you, Katie is a wonderful actress, I had no clue she was faking!!

Saturday evening Jake and I left for dinner. He then told me this might be a good night for our sunset walk since Katie could use some rest. I agreed with him. When we left dinner, we drove over to the beach and parked the car.

That’s when Jake grabbed the shiny red ring box in the side pocket of the car so that I wouldn’t have noticed the box during dinner. His uncle had slid the box in the car while we got ready for dinner. (Side note- Jake had the ring shipped to Florida to prevent me from snooping around our house… smart smart boy!)

As we walked toward the shore, I admired the sunset and this perfect evening with my man.  He grabbed my hand as he guided me to a special spot right where the waves crashed against the sand. He had visualized his aunt and uncle with the cameras, and knew it was go-time.

Jake put his arm around me and uttered the most sweet and special words I’d ever heard. He told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and to make him the happiest man in the world by becoming his wife.

He dropped to his knee and said “Hannah Nicole Polkis, I need you forever. Will you marry me?” As he was opening the box, I immediately yelled of course, began sobbing and my heart nearly exploded.


When he opened the box, he was frantic and said “this isn’t the ring!!” Instead of my ring, the shiny red box was full of diamond earrings…. as our family and Katie approaches us with champagne and hugs, we explained to them that we didn’t have the ring!!



His uncles face went white. He then sprinted back to the car to go home and get the correct box. Turns out, Jake’s uncle mistakenly grabbed his wife’s earring box that looked indenticle to my ring box.


Within minutes, Jake’s uncle returned to the beach with my ring in its proper box. Jake then opened the box and placed the ring on my finger. The tears just kept flowing, and I couldn’t stop repeating “oh my gosh I get to marry YOU!” This moment goes to show that it truly didn’t matter what was in that box.

All that matters was that I had Jake and we were going to start our official forever together. The perfect imperfections of the night made it that much more special and memorable. The sunset was beautiful, my ring took my breath away when I saw it, and I was the happiest girl on earth because I finally get to marry my best friend.

As we stood there on the beach, drinking our champagne and taking photos, I paused to take it all in.


How did I get this lucky? To find a man like Jake who has given me all I’ve ever wanted and more. I remember kissing him over and over and not wanting the night to end. It was the trip of a lifetime and I just can’t wait to marry him.