Hannah and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I met our freshman year of college. We both crushed from afar, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that moves were made. Our friend groups got together at Lake Fort Phantom the first weekend back and had a bon fire, which is where we hit it off, and things began! Fort Phantom would play a key role in our relationship, we just had no idea at that bon fire.

It was there that Jacob first told me he loved me, and that was where we would go star gazing and two step with music blaring so no one would see us. We started dating and a short three months later I knew he was the one for me! Two years later we’re seniors and engaged!

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how they asked

August 23rd was my 21st birthday, it’s also the week before our senior year starts. I was told by all my friends, parents and especially Jacob that I wasn’t allowed to plan anything for my birthday this year, no dinner, nothing. I was told that the day was planned and I was along for the ride! So, the day started off with his parents taking me for a birthday breakfast, and a sad goodbye following. Jacob and I then went shopping for a few hours and then we decided it was time to go back to my house and wait for my family to get into town. Fast forward three hours Jacob is long gone, my family is in town, and I am told to open my front door. On my front porch were two envelopes and a single red rose. The first envelope tells me happy birthday, and welcome to my birthday scavenger hunt! That 21 clues are located around Abilene, all at places that have played a significant role in our relationship. So off I go with my best friend and chauffeur for the night!

The hunt took us an hour an a half to complete, and was literally a memory lane. In addition to each limerick clue, was a picture of us from that place and an additional rose. So I got to relive a lot of memories that are so sweet and so special to me! Clue 19 told me to go back to my house, and put on something nice, so nice it will make him look twice! Following directions I did just that. There, I found clue 20 that told me to go out to the place where we had spent so many nights, and where he first confessed his love. I knew just the spot. The fifteen minutes it took to get out there was pure agony. Once we made it, there was a white table cloth with candles, rose petals and my final rose and clue. At this point I felt like Bambi I couldn’t hardly stand, let alone walk!

My last clue read, “You’ve completed the hunt but there’s one more surprise, after reading this card stop and close your eyes (no peeking).

All these cards have been hidden and found, now to start our forever just turn around.” Next thing I know I look up to see him walking towards me, and is quickly on one knee, asking me to spend forever with him! And of course I said “Yes!!”

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