Hannah and Jack's Proposal During a West Point Ring Ceremony


How we met: Jack and I met 9 years ago when we both were working at a beach club in Chatham, MA. He worked in the kitchen and I was a waitress. Being that we were only in 8th grade, we became friends but nothing more. I had always had a huge crush on him, but seeing as I lived in Connecticut, it was difficult to even attempt a relationship. During the summer of 2012, Jack and I reconnected. He had finished his first year at the United States Military Academy and I had finished my freshman year of college as well. I was worried we would have nothing to talk about, since I knew nothing about the army, but we ended up talking for hours, and I knew then that he was special. This picture of us is from our first date at Camp Illumination as West Point. It was the first time I saw him in his India White uniform and would be the only time I saw him in it until 2 years later, on another special day.

how they asked: The day started out with my mother, brother, future mother and father and law, and friend getting ready for Jack’s ring ceremony at West Point. We walked by this beautiful reservoir, noted in the picture of my friend and I, and there is a beautiful stone bridge across the way. I did not know it then, but that bridge would soon become a very memorable place…


Jack’s side: On Ring Weekend, a formal weekend at the United States Military Academy where the “Firsties,” don their class rings for the first time, I asked the love of my life to marry me.

1551588_10152163121982723_2529215083530686662_nShortly following the reception of our rings, I asked Hannah to walk up to Lusk Reservoir with me. I had told her that my friends wanted to take pictures on the bridge that crosses Lusk and overlooks the lake. I had her convinced that there would be a group of my friends waiting for us at the top. My parents, along with Hannah’s mother and brother followed close enough behind us to maintain sight for the entire proposal. After we hiked up the giant hill leading to the reservoir (Hannah was in heels, I might add), I pulled out two pennies and told her about the tradition of flipping a coin into lusk and making a wish. I made my wish first…(I think it was to slow my heart rate down so I did not go into cardiac arrest). Hannah then made her wish with her eyes closed. While her eyes were closed I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the ring. She turned towards me and I began to speak. I mentioned to her that two short years before this moment, I gave her a heart necklace at Camp Buckner’s “Camp Illumination.” I was in the same uniform and we were just beginning our relationship. When I gave her the necklace I had promised her that she had my heart for however long she wanted to love me. After reliving that moment with the heart necklace I told her that I wanted to now promise my life to her, just as I had done two years before. With that, I pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. She now has my heart and the promise of my life; I could not be happier or luckier of a guy.



Hannah: After an incredible day where BOTH of us received rings, Jack and I and our families went and spent an amazing dinner together. While we were out, I was constantly congratulated by many of Jack’s classmates. I later found out that he had told basically all of his friends, teachers, and even acquaintances at West Point. The next night we finished off the celebration with a banquet dinner where I got to show of my ring and celebrate with friends and family. It was a weekend I will never forget. We are now preparing for a wedding on June 27 at West Point and are so excited for many more memories at such a beautiful location with so much incredible history.