Hannah and Ivanco

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How We Met

We met on a Friday night at Bar in Melbourne CBD. It was by chance our eyes met across the room. He didn’t come over, so I made the move and walked over to introduced myself. After 3 hours of excellent conversation we exchanged phone numbers and called it a night (he didn’t even buy me a drink in that time).

how they asked

I came home from work and found a note on the door which read “Hey Darlin’ …Please put the blindfold on and knock to see what surprise awaits you inside…” a teddy bear eye patch hung beside the note, so I put it on and knocked. A lady, whose voice I didn’t recognize, answered the door and lead me inside. A few steps in, I heard our favorite song playing, a camera clicking and that’s when my tears started rolling and I realized what was about to happen. She leads me out to our balcony and said: “You can now take your blindfold off.” And there I see my Man all dressed up with the outside table styled to perfection, with flowers, tea lights, fairy lights, Prosecco, rose petals cover the ground and lanterns frame the wooden sign that read “Will You Marry Me?”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Melbourne, Australia

Me being me said ‘YES!’ before he even got to ask the question himself…but then he followed my response by getting down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I again said yes and we hugged and stared into each others crying eyes (more on my end) in complete happiness and overwhelming joy. After a few short minutes, I turn around to see a woman and man standing in our kitchen who will be cooking and serving us a three-course Italian dinner for two with a Gnocchi cooking lesson in the middle.

A fairytale story, absolutely! From meeting, getting to know him and discovering he will be the man I spend all of my days with, I feel like I won the lottery of life!

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