Hannah and Greg

Image 1 of Hannah and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I actually went to the same high school! We had mutual friends but he was one year older than me, and we never got the chance to meet. We ended up attending the same university and at the end of my first year, in 2016, we finally met and both of our lives changed forever.

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How They Asked

We had planned to have a date night on a Monday. We were both going to get dressed up and try out a new restaurant we had heard so much about! Some of my friends were skeptical if he would pop the question but my family and best friend told me to not read into every dinner or outing because one day I could ruin the night while surprise (I’m so nosey I can’t help it 😂). So we went and had an amazing dinner and on our drive home I noticed we were taking a detour.

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Greg pulls to the side of the road, gives me a blindfold, and says that I would need to put this on and cannot ask any questions. We keep driving, I feel him park, he helps me out and guides me to a place to finally take my blindfold off. When I could finally see, he standing in front of me, with lights and rose petals all around us, and our families nearby, I knew. And I immediately started balling! Best day ever.

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Special Thanks

Sara Cummins
 | Photographer