Hannah and Garrett

How We Met: Our story began when we both followed their hearts in faith. Unaware of the other, we were both sure of the same feeling; God was calling us to a new place…Houston. Little did they know…God had a bigger, much better plan for us. ♥

One summer night in July 2012, we first laid eyes on one another after a church softball game. There was an instant connection and we could both tell there was something special between us. The next softball game I stole Garrett’s third and final pop fly of the inning. I had to get his attention somehow! Garrett anxiously asked me to go on a date. I of course, happily accepted and the rest is history!

how they asked: For our 1 year anniversary, Garrett made reservations at the restaurant where we had our first date. He started planning with the manager months in advance to make sure everything would go perfectly. We got to the restaurant that night and we find out that they never take reservations?! Little did we know there are 2 similar restaurants within walking distance of each other— Grappino di Nino and Di Nino’s. What are the odds! Garrett secretly had a minor panic attack after he realized that all his elaborate plans were made at the wrong place. He quickly recovered so he could start planning with the staff without me knowing…again.

A few “fake” stomach aches later, Garrett had everything planned with the lead bartender. I was too involved with my cheese platter to be suspicious of anything. Plus, I was luckily seated with my back to everything going on. Garrett anxiously waited as we finished our dinner — I suddenly hear the live band stop playing. The waiter then brings us 2 glasses of champagne and Garrett gently grabs my hand. He tells me what every girl dreams of hearing and then reaches for his jacket pocket…

He walks over to me, gets on one knee and asks me to marry him— I was in such surprise that I paused for a few seconds (sorry Garrett). After I said yes, we were filled with so much love and happiness. Garrett had our mutual friend photograph the entire moment, who was hiding out in the bushes half the night. He thought of everything! It was the most incredible surprise I’ve ever had. Little did I know…there was more to come…

After dinner, we drive back to Garrett’s place where he told me there were just a few friends waiting to celebrate with us. We arrive and were congratulated by Garrett’s family and close friends! They had set up decorations all over the room for us— filled with pictures, flowers and a beautiful cake. As we started to tell the story of our proposal, I suddenly see someone walking down the stairs at the corner of my eye. It didn’t feel real as my mom, dad and brother walked towards me! Garrett had flown them into Houston so that they could be a part of our special night. It was everything I could’ve hoped for!

Garrett and I felt so blessed to have shared such a special moment with all of our family and friends. That night was a dream come true.