Hannah and Garrett

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, GA

How We Met

Garrett and I met in college at the University of North Georgia our freshmen year. I was in the common area looking for a place to sit and eat lunch and saw a few empty seats by a handsome and friendly-looking guy. We started talking and realized we shared similar interests. We didn’t end up exchanging information because we both had to rush to class. A few months later, I was working as a waitress and I saw Garrett come in to eat with one of his friends. I immediately told the hostess to sit him in my co-worker’s section, instead of mine, because I was way too nervous to serve him. That night, I kept walking by the table to talk to him and try to get to know him better. We both remembered meeting at school and had a few wonderful conversations before exchanging phone numbers that night. Over the next couple of months, we became best friends. One day, we were watching videos on Garrett’s computer and came across one of him playing drums at a coffee shop a few years earlier. This event immediately seemed all too familiar to me. Shocked, I noticed that I was in the background watching him play. We couldn’t believe we had crossed paths. It was meant to be! We quickly learned that we could never be “just friends” and our love story continued. We celebrated our 6 and ½ years the day we got engaged and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

how they asked

Garrett works as an Accountant. He’s very busy during January and February, so he decided to plan a much-needed getaway for March. Garrett knows that I am a planner by nature, so he intentionally booked a trip without me knowing. He simply asked me to take a couple of days off work, as we agreed to make up for lost time in the month following his busy season. On Thursday, March 8th, we started our drive and ended up at Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, GA. The resort has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit so I was thrilled when I realized this is where we were headed. We stopped at the store on the way and picked up some food and drinks to have a picnic lunch on the grounds even though it was a little chilly that day. Once we arrived at the resort, the sun came out and we scoped out a large tree in the middle of a meadow to have our picnic. It was a perfect day. Garrett poured us each a glass of champagne and made a very special toast. He then set our camera down on a bench nearby to take some pictures. I was posing for a photo as I sat on our picnic blanket when he told me I had to stand up to get the shot. After I stood up, he got down on one knee. I was so surprised and couldn’t believe the moment was happening. After he proposed, we spent the rest of the day touring the grounds. That night, we had an intimate dinner for two then went back to a private cottage he had reserved for the night. We ended the day in front of a fire he made in the fireplace. It was the most magical day and I will never forget it.

PHOTOGRAPHS: We actually took our own photographs! We put our camera on self-timer and set it on a nearby bench!