Hannah and Galli

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How We Met

Galli and I met through my younger brother, Caden. Caden is exactly two years and a day younger than I am and we have always been super close! After Caden’s freshman year of high school (mine and Galli’s junior year) he transferred to the public school near by and left the private school that I attended. When he moved to the new school he did not know anyone, but had heard about this kid named Galli that he should become friends with!

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On the very first day of school Caden and Galli met and became instant friends. They both ended up on the same varsity baseball team and became the best of friends. Once they became such great friends, Galli was constantly at my house hanging out with Caden and that meant the more I got to see Galli! I constantly pretended that I didn’t like when Galli came over, but everyone could see through the act when I would constantly text Galli and act goofy when he was around.

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A few years went by and my act continued as we continued to be friends and talked off and on, but once we were both in our junior year of college we officially started dating and have now been together for almost 4 years! He proposed this past week and we could not be more excited for this next season of life!

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how they asked

Galli had been planning this special day for us for months coming up with all of the amazing details to propose on the 21st, which is also the first day of winter. That afternoon he had my parents trick me into thinking that we were taking family pictures, but instead Galli found this photographer, planned & scheduled everything with her, snuck his parents to CO without me knowing, and then got down on one knee during our “family pictures” and asked me to marry him!!!!!!

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Not to mention, the “family pictures” weren’t family pictures at all and instead it was our engagement shoot that we got to spend the next hour taking all around the beautiful city of Crested Butte (while it was snowing like crazy)! Then we headed to a celebratory dinner with our families that Galli specifically planned for all of us.

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I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful or more “Hannah” proposal!!! To say that Galli is everything I’ve ever wanted in a husband is a complete understatement, I am so excited to marry my best friend! Cheers to wedding planning & cheers to you being able to surprise a know it all like me!!! ??

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