Hannah and Gaddiel

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How We Met

We met at our church. I served coffee to people as they walked in and he would stop by and spark conversation. Our friend, Ray, was really eager to set us up as we had a lot of similar interest (surfing, CrossFit, our faith, etc.), but it wasn’t until I saw him singing worship songs at a student night on the beach one night. I was asked to pray over the event because it was the first time they had a student gathering in this location and as I was praying I began to admire the way this California boy eagerly wanted to do whatever it took to help others and serve God. I asked God that evening to help me raise my standards and little did I know he was asking the Lord for a woman like me, as I was praying and walking around the chairs that the students were about to sit in moments later. Just a few weeks later, he asked me out to coffee and a walk on the beach… and the rest was history!

Our faith in God drew us toward each other from the start and it will hold together all the days of our life.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4

how they asked

Yesterday, my birthday ended with my best friend asking me to spend the rest of my life with him!

Gaddiel and I are getting married! He asked me next to one of our favorite spots to paddle out. Locals refer to this spot as “the cross.” This 10-foot cross stands atop a dune on Santa Rosa Island as a landmark to a historic event nearly five centuries ago. It serves as a reminder of an era when discovery, exploration, and an unwavering faith in God were irrevocably intertwined.

As we hiked up to the cross, he reminded me of our fun memories in this spot. One memory in particular that always makes us laugh! At the top, there was a message in a bottle waiting (placed there ahead of time) and as I finished reading the front and back of the note that was full of promises and affirmation, I looked down to find him on one knee. With big tears swelling in both of our eyes, I cheerfully accepted his proposal!

I am so completely EXCITED to begin a marriage with Gaddiel that intertwines discovery, exploration and unwavering faith— just like the cross represents.

And mad props to my handsome fiance hiring our talented friend, Zac Green, to hide while snapping photos and recording.

We are so grateful to God for His goodness and faithfulness!

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Special Thanks

Zac Green
 | Photography