Hannah and Frank


how we met

Frank and I met at work as Judicial Marshals! He was deployed in Afghanistan when I first got out of the academy, so I worked in his district for a year before we even met. Everyone always talked about how great and funny he was, so I was nervous to meet him. The first time I saw him was over a camera monitor in the control room. I volunteered to do a security sweep for a reason to bump into him! By the time I got to him, every Marshal in the building was there (which made for an awkward hello). He came back to work the next day and volunteered to work my post with me in the afternoon. We spent hours talking and joking around. That was a Friday and the following Tuesday, in the middle of a snow storm, Frank took me out on our first date.

how they asked

Frank completely surprised me by proposing on our three year anniversary! The previous year had been crazy – we sold our Connecticut house, quit our jobs, and moved to Delaware for my PhD program. The morning of our anniversary, Frank was as romantic as always. We spent the day at a giant indoor arcade where we played for hours and bought sweet laser tag guns with our winning tickets. After I got ready for dinner, I gave Frank his gift. He quickly read my (lengthy) card, and said he had to get my gift from the bedroom. He forgot to open his own gift! When he opened it, he barely reacted and said a nervous “thank you”. I thought that was strange, since the gift was totally amazing!! He positioned me in the living room and told me to close my eyes so he could get my present. Frank isn’t very good at wrapping so I assumed that he just didn’t wrap the present. I stood in our living room with my eyes closed and my arms straight out – awaiting the present to be placed in my arms. I felt Frank grab my hands, so I opened my eyes to see that he was down on one knee. His eyes watered as he asked me to marry him, and the moment couldn’t have been more perfect.

Special Thanks