Hannah and Fletcher

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How We Met

We met like most couples do, when we weren’t looking. A mutual friend (shoutout to Katie Bryan) got a group of people to go hiking on April 15th. I didn’t think anything of it, but she mentioned guys would be coming and I kind of got sad because I was looking forward to a girl’s hike. Obviously, in the back of my head I was hoping that they would be cute. When we got to the hiking spot, we all met, and I remember this guy Fletcher was very cute. I didn’t want to be that girl that I so easily fell into, the one who is always crushing on her guy friends. I tried to just picture them as friends. As we hiked, I remember thinking that this guy asked great questions, he seemed really interested in my life and what I was talking about. I was flattered for sure. Then that evening, we all decided to meet up for dinner and to play Just Dance afterwards.

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He was so funny and I was so intrigued and interested…but I didn’t want to be obvious. Over the next several weeks, we continued to have group hangs (which I found out later that he organized those so that he could get to know me better). He was so fun to be around. He was leaving to go to Officer training in Fort Lee, VA on May 7th and when I found that out, I was so sad. About a week or so before he left, he asked me to “grab a bite to eat,” which made it seem so casual that I assumed it wasn’t a date. The only time we could go was during breakfast (which was no problem for me because breakfast is the absolute best) so we went on May 3 to Bluegrass Grill, one of the best breakfast spots in Chattanooga. I had to talk myself into not believing that it was a date so that I wouldn’t be let down, but we ended up staying at Bluegrass for 3 hours talking about ourselves. It was so fun. And the rest is history.

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how they asked

After we first said “I love you,” we talked about marriage. I had told him how I dreamt of getting married in the fall because it’s my favorite. I realized at this moment that my wedding wouldn’t happen in October, unless we felt like waiting a very long time…and we didn’t. A week or so later, he mentioned that we should go to Colorado in October. Guys are so obvious. So soon enough he found out that his “sneaky” plan wasn’t going to be a surprise, but we still planned to go…and I still planned that I would get engaged in Colorado.

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I love surprises, but this one was way too easy to figure out. He was bummed that I knew. The week before we were supposed to be heading to Colorado, we had planned a great last day together before he headed to California for work. It started with a four wheeler ride. He wanted to take cute fall pictures, so we packed our flannels and my camera and headed out.

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We drove to Edward’s Point on Signal Mountain. It’s a beautiful overlook of the TN River. Once we arrived, we sat down and he read a few scriptures from his bible and we had a nice devotional time. This was not too out of the ordinary, so I didn’t think twice about it. When we decided to leave, we got up and I noticed he wasn’t walking with me. When I turned around he was getting on one knee.

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Neither of us remember what we said, but I do know that it was very sweet and special. After we took a few AMAZING pictures (thanks to our photog Abigail Lewis) we headed back. He had all of our friends and family there for a surprise party. It was so amazing and such a perfect day.

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