Hannah and Erik

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How We Met

Erik and I met summer going into my junior year, his senior year of high school. We had mutal friends and hung out often. January 18, 2009 came around and Erik asked me to be his girlfriend! I soaked up every last second of dating in high school, him playing Varsity basketball, and being at the same school, before he went to College. Luckily he stayed close to home and so did I. Years went on and before we knew it, we were racking up the years together! We celebrated out 8th anniversary together in Coronado, San Diego, where we had an ocean front room and celebrated us! We were, and still are, inseparable! The photo uploaded is from my junior/his senior year prom

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how they asked

A friend, Madi, who I had met a couple of times contacted me telling me she quit her job and is taking up photography. She had asked if Erik and I would be down to do a photoshoot with her to help build her portfolio. I, LOVE photos, while Erik is not crazy about them (probably because I take so many!). Erik agreed to it and I told Madi that we’d help her out! Little did I know that Erik, who has met her maybe twice, would find her on social media and message her asking if she could postpone the date, that her and I had settled on, until he picked up the engagement ring. Madi messaged me about a week later with an excuse of why we had to change the photoshoot date. Well, the date was changed about three times!!! Finally we settled for Thursday, July 20th, which had no significant meaning to Erik or I. Madi told me what she wanted me to wear and had me bring a second outfit. She gave me a few “pointers” the night before. She told me how to wear my hair, reminded me to either have my nails done or take my nail polish off, and to make sure our clothes were wrinkle free. I thought to myself, “Dang this girl means business”. I became nervous as she seemed to be taking this so seriously! :) The day of the photoshoot, Erik got home from work late, which caused us to be late to the photoshoot (shocker in Erik’s case… we are late often ;) ). We met at the Montage, in Laguna Beach. I was in a long black floral dress but when Madi saw my second outfit she made me change into the white dress, as she thought it was ” light and beachy”. She began snapping away and videoing with her phone. Erik was being a great sport about the whole shoot, I was shocked!

As we made our way down to the beach, Madi thought we should go around the corner to the cove. The tide was so high and she warned us that we may get wet. We were soaked- almost to our waist! Honestly, it didn’t bother me, it was so warm out, it felt good! Madi continued to shoot photos and then asked Erik to pick me up. I laughed because I thought it might turn out awkward, and before we knew it another wave rolled in and he put me down. Madi then told Erik to pick me up again. As Erik put me down, I flicked my head, to get my hair out of my face, and when I turned back around, Erik was on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. I FROZE. How dreamy to have the waves crashing at your legs, sun setting, someone capturing your proposal on camera, AND your little brother and sister flying the drone to catch it all on video!? I said YES and as soon as I did, you could hear my brother and sister screaming from the top of the stairs. My siblings came running down with champagne and joined in on the fun. We facetimed family members and continued to take photos. I had no idea the Erik would do something like this. As I always dreamed of such a special day, this was beyond any dream I had of being proposed to! I am a huge fan of the beach, sunset is my favorite color, and sharing this special memory with the love of my life at my favorite place in the entire world was beyond my wildest dreams!

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Special Thanks

Madison Kline
 | Photographer