Hannah and Elliot

Image 1 of Hannah and Elliot

How We Met

We were both doing the same internship in Jerusalem, and once we found out how much we had in common, we hit it off well! A few weeks before the internship ended, he asked me to lunch, and that’s where it all began! A few weeks after the internship, I left to do a 5 month training school in Mexico, meaning we didn’t see each other (except on Face time) for 5 months!

how they asked

A few weeks after I can home from my training, he told me that he had an offer for a job out in Alaska which would require him to be gone a whole year. I was devastated. Here we had just gone five months without being together, and he wants a whole year? We decided to take a road trip with my siblings to go visit our other brother out in Colorado the same week he told me that. We went up into the mountains and camped for a few days. While we were up there, Elliot asked me on a picnic. He told me we needed to talk about his job offer. While on the picnic, he confessed that he never intended on taking the job because he didn’t want to be apart any more. He then got down on one knee and I don’t think I was even able to get out a “yes” before flinging my arms around him and crying.

Image 2 of Hannah and Elliot

It was such a beautiful moment.

Image 3 of Hannah and Elliot

Special Thanks

Zach Thomas
 | Photographer