Hannah and Eli

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How We Met

Eli and I first met in middle school and we became best friends in the 8th grade. We spent our entire science block writing notes back and forth. Eli has always been the most sweetest and caring person around. You cannot spend more than a minute around him without laughing. I had always thought of Eli as one of my best friends, I never realized he thought of me as more than that.

Come to find out, Eli had liked me since 8th grade. I was just way too naive to realize it. He was, well, friend-zoned. We remained best friends all through high school. The summer after high school graduation, I finally realized how perfect he was. (Took me long enough, I know.) That summer was one for the books. I was headed to Morehead State University that fall and he was staying home to attend Northern Kentucky University. Our first date consisted of traveling to Morehead and spending the day. He wanted to “do the things I was going to do with my friends, with him first.” We spent the day hiking at Lockegee, swimming at Cave Run, and eating great food at Pop’s BBQ. At the end of the day, we went back to his family farm and found the perfect spot to hang the hammock. Laying there in the peacefulness of the country, he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was a perfect day.

Since then, we have overcome so many obstacles. Being two hours apart for four years was difficult, but it made the time we spent together so precious. Over the last four years I have fallen deeper in love with him every single day. I cannot imagine my life without him. He will always be my best friend.

Soon we will be battling distance again. I will be moving 3 hours away for school in the fall. We know that it is going to completely suck, but if anyone can do it, we can. He is the most supportive and encouraging person in the world. I am blessed to have him by my side to help me chase my dreams.

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how they asked

Eli had worked with our photographer Natasha for months planning this surprise photoshoot. I was under the impression that we were just getting couple photographs done. Natasha asked me if I would do a styled shoot to practice a certain look with couples to put in a contest. I was even getting to have my makeup and hair done by @beautybychey. I was so excited! Eli acted completely normal about getting pictures taken: sarcastically excited. I went out and bought a new dress, bought Eli new pants and got my nails done. I was nervous all day long leading up to the pictures, but I wasn’t quite sure why. I was most nervous to see how I would look with more than just mascara on.

I have been dreaming of Eli proposing for years. To say I hadn’t acted a little crazy a time or two would be a lie. Seeing couples getting engaged who had been together for less time than us was making me impatient for our turn. BUT knowing I was going to be 3 hours from him for the next 2-3 years, I knew our time may not be any time soon. I had talked myself into being okay with that.

There was a part of me that wished this photoshoot opportunity was a few years later, so that Eli could use it to propose. (ironic right). It just seemed perfect. When we arrived at our location, we thought we may have to fight the weather. Everyone seemed eager to get started and beat the rain, which I didn’t think anything of. We walked out to the waterfall location where our pictures were going to get taken. Then the rain started. Then, we walked back to the road. I was a little confused why we were going back to where we had started but I had complete faith in Natasha that she knew what she was doing.

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The rain stopped and we started taking pictures. I was then told to stand in the middle of the road and wait for Eli to walk up behind me and bear hug me. We did this shot twice and prepared for a third time. Only this time, I stood there with my eyes closed, prepared to be tackled, I heard him walk up next to me and say my name. As I looked up at him, he was standing next to me with the biggest grin. I looked down at his hands where he was holding a handmade, wooden box which had “Marry Me?” stamped on the top. I couldn’t believe it. He was speechless and I was completely surprised. After a couple seconds of mutual shock, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him! How could I not say YES!?

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Time seemed to stand still as we held each other and we shed some happy tears. When time started back and it all sank in, he handed me a piece of paper which had his “script”. He forgot to say anything when he asked, but wanted me to read what he had planned to say. It read, “Hannah, I know we might have to wait a while to get married, but I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’ve known ever since 8th grade. Hannah Nicole Fields… Will you marry me? (open box).” Happy tears started all over again.

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Turns out, Eli planned the whole photoshoot, with a little help from Natasha, Chey, and my best friend Kaitlyn. We then proceeded to complete our ENGAGEMENT photoshoot with Natasha. The entire day seemed like a dream and I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

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