Hannah and Dylan

How We Met

We graduated from the same high school but never really spoke. A few years after graduation, he messaged me on Facebook telling me that I was beautiful and that he’d love to get to know me. At first I was hesitant but my best friend convinced me to give him a shot and go on a date. I must admit, I was pretty quiet on the first date and quite frankly I’m surprised he even wanted to see me again. By our third date, I knew he was the one. It was mid January and we decided to go duck hunting on my grandparent’s farm. As I was in the water adjusting the decoys, my foot got caught on a rock sending me head first into the icy creek. My waders immediately filled up with freezing cold water causing me to start hyperventilating (I was perfectly fine just in shock). When I looked up he was just standing on the bank, smiling from ear to ear, and muttered the words “You’re not supposed to be swimming.” I was embarrased, freezing, and slightly angry at his smart comeback. But in that moment I knew he was the person that I wanted to spend forever with.

how they asked

It was a hot June morning when we arrived at the WWII airshow, an event that we attend every year. In my mind I was hoping this would be the day that he would propose but I honestly didn’t think that it would happen. We were there with our closest friends and everyone was acting way too normal. On top of that, at about 1030 am, I literally almost blacked out due to the heat and lack of substantial breakfast that morning. As Dylan and my friend Katie were fanning me off, Dylan received a phone call from Brandon (Katie’s husband) that we had to get to the other side of the airport immediately. May I note that I’m still recovering from my near blackout.

Dylan and Katie both helped me walk across the runway where we were greeted by another one of our close friends, Hanna, Brandon, and the pilot of our favorite fighter jet. Next thing I know the pilot is helping me into the cockpit of his airplane and Dylan is climbing up onto the wing next to me. (Important side note: Dylan has no idea where the ring is, as the pilot took the ring and hid it inside the plane… but never told Dylan where it was hidden).

As Dylan starts frantically searching the cockpit I began to question what on earth he was doing. Quick to respond, he explains to me that he was just checking out the details of the plane and of course I go along with it. Finally, he finds the ring and gets down on one knee on the wing next to me. The crowd started cheering along with the pilot and our friends. Despite the chaos it was a magical moment and I couldn’t have pictured it going any other way! Now we are planning our wedding for June 6, 2020; Which coincidently is WWII weekend. No, we will not have any fighter jets there, but we’re looking forward to being surrounded by our closest friends and family to celebrate a love that is like no other.

Special Thanks

Katie & Brandon Cerzullo, Hanna Bishop, and Thom Richards
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