Hannah and Drew

How We Met

Drew and I met at a party after our greek houses participated in a campus-wide philanthropy event. After hearing from one of my friends that I was from New Hampshire, he quickly came up to me, introduced himself, and told me he was from New Hampshire too. That event was 3 years ago, and we haven’t stopped talking ever since. Our greek houses have always been a huge part of our relationship. A year and a half ago, the brotherhood of his fraternity voted to “letter” me; a pre-engagement commitment to me by sharing their letters and one of their most beloved traditions.

how they asked

Prior to my graduation this past May, I was elected to my class’ reunion committee. Over the summer, I had a dream that, during Reunion, Drew would bring me to his fraternity house and all the brothers would be there, singing the same song they did when the house lettered me. He would join them, each brother on bent knee, and ask me to marry him. I told my best friend about the dream and thought nothing of it. Fast-forward to Reunion, my friends take me out to dinner and Drew texts me saying there is free ice cream at the fraternity.

We get to the Fraternity and my friends guide me through the front door to the same room where I first met Drew almost 3 years ago. All the brothers are singing and they sit me down in a chair in front of Drew. As they finish their song and he takes the ring out of his back pocket, he says “Hannah, will you marry me?”. I stammer out a yes as my whole body shakes with nervous excitement.

The entire room, filled with alumni and actives of both of our houses, erupts in cheers as Drew puts the ring on and lifts me up out of my seat. He kisses me then turns me around where I find my sorority sisters standing in a semi-circle. They sing me one of our house’s “Sweetheart” song and I burst into tears as the room erupts again.

My dream literally came true and all of my friends were there to celebrate with me – and help Drew plan the whole thing. I could not have asked for a better night!

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