Hannah and Drew

How We Met

I met Drew in 8th grade after moving in down the street from him. Not to be cliche but it was definitely, love at first sight for me. The first time we officially met was at a block party with our families. I tried SO hard to act cool because he was the “cute high school boy” and I had the biggest crush.

Hannah's Proposal in Nassau, Bahamas

A few years went by and we would talk on occasion but no more. As my junior year and his senior year came around, we finally started talking more and even hanging out together in friend groups. I’m not sure how this idea came about, but we thought it funny to convince our moms (who had been waiting for us to finally get together) that we were dating. I think we both knew that this wasn’t a joke, we both liked each other but tried to play it off.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nassau, Bahamas

Before long, we were making the one-minute walk to each other’s house daily. We finished out our high school years together and eventually made our way to college together.

We have made a home at Pittsburg State University and will both be graduating this year. We’ve spent the past few years here with friends, his Pi Kappa Alpha brothers, and my Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters.

How They Asked

For our final college spring break, we decided to take our first big trip together, a cruise to the Bahamas with one of Drew’s fraternity brothers, Dante and his girlfriend, Brooke.

Our first stop was Nassau. We decided to rent a buggy and travel across the island to get away from the other cruise tourists. Brooke and Dante told us that they wanted to do some sightseeing at a place they found in a brochure. As we walked up, we all stopped to take pictures of the columns in the courtyard followed by the path down closer to the harbor where a gazeebo stood.

Eventually, we moved down to the gazeebo and continued to take pictures. When it was Drew and I’s turn, we stood together for a moment and before I knew it, he had dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was shocked that the moment I had always dreamt of was finally here. I said “Stop it. Are you serious?” and dropped down before I finally mumbled out a “yeah!”. We spent the rest of the week finishing out the cruise and in Gulf Shores, Alabama where we got to celebrate with a few friends. We kept our engagement between us, close family, and some friends until we got back to Pittsburg and I got to have a ring ceremony to share with my sorority sisters.

Shortly after we made our engagement public, I shared our proposal video on my twitter account and got an unexpected response. The notifications on my phone were out of control and we got thousands of loving replies and comments. On Twitter, the video has 2.8 million views and counting. We have been so overwhelmed with support since our engagement and I can’t wait to see what our future holds!

Our Video