Hannah and Dave

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How We Met

I was taking middle schoolers to a week of Wyld Life camp when on the second day I went to the camp store to get some sunscreen. Before I knew it, in front of me stood a fair maiden. Her hair was fire red and her eyes sparkled green blue and yellow in an explosion of life and joy. I asked for the sunscreen behind her and though she believed I was only out for UV protection, she later found that what needed to be guarded most was her heart. FROM THIS GUY!

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After only a few interactions during the week, I went home with Hannah on my mind and decided to write her. A few letters later and she gave me her phone number so I could call on her. A few calls later and I got to take her on a date.

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how they asked

As Han is job hunting in the events planning/ wedding coordinating field, she finds this farm in Murphy NC that she wants to look at as a potential wedding venue for us. Now originally I was planning to ask the big Q first weekend of Feb on a trip up to see some college friends, but plans fell through so I had been carrying the ring around trying to figure out the best time and way to ask- and I made up my mind Monday, the day we planned to look at this venue, was the day.

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I was going to get down on a knee that evening in the middle of downtown Brevard where the Christmas lights still hang on the trees and holiday magic still lingers. To add to the magic I had asked my buddy James to run through the street with sparklers…. only it didn’t happen quite that way.

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Rewind to the afternoon at the farm. We finish our tour and Han says “lets walk around for a while.” I like Hannah and I like walks so this seemed like a great idea. We start walking towards this bridge on a lake in the middle of a valley and it seems like this could be the moment, but the ring… is in the car. We talk for a few minutes and I asked Han a question then romantically cut her off and said “I’M COLD HANG ON I NEED A JACKET!”

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I ran back to get the ring (In the jacket) and realized when I got to her that it was in a pocket without a button so now all I can think of is how it’s totally going to fall through the cracks of this bridge. I’m not smoothly shifting it around pockets and trying to talk to Hannah and I realize I just have to ask her. I love this woman, and all I have to do is ask. I tell her that I want to take a picture of her looking into the distance (note: the only thing in sight are cows and a muddy pasture #scenic) and as she turns away, I get down on a knee and say “Hannah.” She turns and cries and says yes.

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She said yes. We are getting married. It’s real and it’s really happening. All because of she helped me get sunscreen and I wrote a letter.

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